2pcs using 1 b/b connection

  MAD_MIKE 21:59 17 Sep 2005

is it possible for 2 pcs to use 1 broad band connection,not always at the same time,if so then what is the easyest and cheapest way of doing it.both running xp2.have wannadoo 1g broad band on 1 pc at moment running into usb2 hub

  De Marcus™ 22:02 17 Sep 2005

The cheapest option is to network the pc's so that one accesses the net via the other, the downside is the one with the net connection has to be switched on for the other to access it. The dearer option is to put a router in, this would enable both pc's independant access.

  quack 22:26 17 Sep 2005

You could do what I do providing both computers are close to each other. Buy a second USB Cable. Load the modem drivers etc. into the second computer and when you want to use the connection in the second computer merely change the USB cable connection to the modem.

  PA28 22:28 17 Sep 2005

Wireless modem router in my view. You will need wireless LAN card in second computer - the first computer can be connected to the modem router by direct LAN connection lead. Any laptops can also join in if they're wireless equipped or you insert a wireless LAN PCMIA card. Easy to setup under XP and any or all of the computers can use your broadband connection at any time - the only provisio is that the Wireless Modem Router is switched on. Costs? - just over £100 should buy the complete kit. Worth every penny in my view.

  EJ1947 09:02 18 Sep 2005

I have a second PC in another room and bought an ASDL modem off ebay for it then ran another cable from BT box to it. Installed the ISP software then just have to unplug one cable and plug in the other. Sometimes have to re-boot to detect connection but works great.

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