2pc's into one modem

  Mick54 21:05 23 Mar 2009

Hiya, I am on Virgin Media using 10Mb broadband and my modem is made by Ambit and has only one ethernet connection. My pc uses XP prof and has an ethernet connection. My son has been given a similar pc and I want to connect the two of them to the internet. I prefer to use a cable and not go wireless. Can I simply plug an ethernet splitter into the modem and run another cable to the second pc? I have been told I will need to fit another card into my pc and run a crossover cable to the other pc but this must mean that I will have to have both pc's on to access the internet when using the second pc. Can someone please clarify this for me please? Many thanx Mick.

  ambra4 21:13 23 Mar 2009

Just connect a 5-port switch to the cable modem Ethernet port and connect all computers to the


D-Link 5 Port 10/100 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

click here

  Mick54 21:28 23 Mar 2009

Hiya ambra4, many thanks I will get a D link first thing tomorrow. All the best Mick.

  mgmcc 22:03 23 Mar 2009

>>> I will get a D link first thing tomorrow

Please *DON'T* get a Network Switch, because that isn't what you need.

>>> Can I simply plug an ethernet splitter into the
>>> modem and run another cable to the second pc?

No, you can't, neither can you use a simple Network Switch as suggested. To connect two or more computers to the internet simultaneously you must connect a "Cable/DSL Router" by ethernet cable from its [the router's] WAN port to the RJ45 port on the Cable Modem.

Without the inclusion of a Router, only the first computer to connect will get an IP address and have internet access.

  ambra4 22:09 23 Mar 2009


We went thought this before on Sun, 17/02/[email protected]:41

It will work the switch controls the access to the cable modem gateway

A switch connected to the Ethernet port on the modem will allow access to the your ISP

from multi computers all you are doing is sharing the link

Before routers was available large companies was using hubs and switches for their local networking and access to the Internet

An Ethernet switch automatically divides the network into multiple segments,

acts as a high-speed, selective bridge between the segments, and supports simultaneous

connections of multiple computers which don't compete with other computers

1 – DSL Modem connected to a 36-port Dell switch for their local network and Internet

access, 24 computers can access the Internet and share files and access 2 printers across

their local network without any problems

Percy Vere
Sun, 17/02/[email protected]:41

I used to run a cable connection from the Internet.

I put the input into a 4-port switch and fed the signal out.

I ran 4 machines off the Internet on this.

No router needed, I just fed the Ip address and subnet mask to each machine and away

they went.


Sun, 17/02/[email protected]:59

Well all I know about my modem is that its cable and the ISP is virgin media

Wed, 20/02/[email protected]:04

I started it up and it worked: D
click here

  mgmcc 23:12 23 Mar 2009

OK, I'll take your word for it. I have just tried it and, for me, it *DIDN'T* work. The Cable Modem's IP address is and, although it allocated LAN addresses of and to the two connected PCs, neither was able to access the internet.

  Mick54 16:22 28 Mar 2009

Hiya ppl, I am afraid ambra4 that you are wrong and mgmcc is correct. The D Link that I paid £13 for does not do the trick. The modem connection will only recognise one of the pc's not both. I have purchased a Netgear cable router off of E-bay and I am awaiting delivery. I will let you know how I get on. Thanx anyway Mick. I will sell D Link on e-bay more than likely. Ta for now.

  tullie 16:34 28 Mar 2009

Ambra4 is usually very good with stuff like this.

  claluc 16:46 28 Mar 2009

Thought to save a new thread, sorry for hijacking yours Mick 54 :-)
I have same requirement, also on Virginmedia except through BT line.
Don't need to network PCs or share printers etc, just get both on Internet simultaneously and preferably through wired option for safety but would consider wireless.
Do I have same options as per previous posts or are there any other ones considering I am not on cable?

  P1d 19:55 28 Mar 2009

Ambra4 is correct as is mgmcc.

I have set up many a Virgin broadband connection and sometimes the switch works and sometimes it doesn't, it depends who has set up your connection at Virgin as they have to make changes at their end if you are using a switch through a modem. I have made numerous calls to them whilst sat in front of a clients pc and waitied for them to make the change.

The router will work without any changes at Virgin's end due to the way a router "routes" traffic, all the modem is doing is connecting.

Hope this clarifies things foe everyone.


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