2nd screen "out of range" when duplicating screen

  Juul Ermens 17:18 09 Jan 2019

I have a laptop with a HDMI output and a monitor with a VGA input, so i bought a converter. I got one problem...

When I try to 'duplicate' or 'extend' my laptop screen, my second screen says its 'out of range'. But when I select: 'only laptop screen' or 'only 2nd monitor'. It works fine.

My laptop has a Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 for the display, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 that only turns on when doing 'heavy work' like gaming.

When I have 'duplication mode' on and I start up my pc, both screens show a loading animation and after that the second screen shows 'out of range'.

In 'safe mode' both screens work.

I updated the UHD Graphics 630 (it says that it has a custom driver on it so its not the same update as the last version showing on the windows driver page. I am not going to try that driver because it warns me that my laptop might not work anymore afther installing that driver. I have a Terra laptop btw.

Error on 2nd screen:

Out Of Range

H : +67 . 5KHz V : +59 . 8 Hz


H : 28 - 65 KHz V : 56 - 78 Hz Max : 1024x768

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