2nd RAM slot on notebook

  loser7 11:34 04 Aug 2010

Hello all
I bought some RAM to upgrade an E-Systems notebook.
I ran a couple of programs (belarc and SiW) and they both said that there were 2 ram slots and one was empty.
Now that i have the RAM i unscrew a small cover on the back of this computer to access the RAM and it only has one RAM slot. As i have never opened up a laptop before i thought i would put this post up and find out if im missing something?
Is it likely that there could be another RAM slot hidden away somewhere? Could these programs be mistaken? Or am i missing the obvious?
Thanks for any advise.

  Diemmess 11:43 04 Aug 2010

Dont have any idea of your notebook's architechture, but off the top of my head .... there must already be some RAM inside, and the slot you can see is meant to receive your added RAM.

  johndrew 11:44 04 Aug 2010

The best way to check for RAM is to use one of the online checkers such as Kingston click here or Crucial click here.

The tool will scan your PC and tell you exactly what can be fitted and the type.

Without full details of your laptop it is difficult to provide any further advice.

  loser7 11:55 04 Aug 2010

All i know about this system is it is made by E-Systems
The programs i mentioned in my original post only tell me this about the motherboard - DIXONSXP
It has a genuine intel T1500 cpu that runs at 1.86GHz and 1GB of RAM already installed.
I was hoping to add another 1GB stick as these programs reported 2 RAM slots, one with 1GB and another RAM slot that is empty but as i said i can not find the empty slot.

  mehtdosa11 12:40 04 Aug 2010

some laptops have the second memory bank under the keyboard

  robin_x 12:50 04 Aug 2010

I have a vague feeling I saw something months ago about some systems having one slot where you would expect it and another somewhere eles, possibly requiring more disassembly.

Download your netbook maintenance manual pdf.

Of course I may have just dreamt that whole ridiculous idea.

  robin_x 12:52 04 Aug 2010

oops crossed in the post...i think that is what i remember

  Sparkly 13:06 04 Aug 2010

I think mehtdosa11 has hit the nail on the head with ram being "under the keyboard" take a look at your manual or google your E-Systems notebook for help.

  woodchip 13:48 04 Aug 2010

I have a Medion re-badged Mitac Laptop. one slot is under the plastic this as memory in it when I got the Laptop. under the plate was the empty slot for Ram. The Software you are using accesses the Motherboard Hardware, second slot may not have been fitted to the board though it will take one. so software will show it as having two or more slots

  loser7 15:41 04 Aug 2010

Thanks for all your comments and advise.
Sorry for lack of details in original post.
This is an E-System 1412.
I removed the keyboard but could only see a metal plate and i couldn't find any screws or any way of removing it.
I removed the lower casing and could see almost the whole of the board but still nothing.
I'm thinking woodchip may be on the right lines with this one.

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