2nd monitor not working after changing resolution

  Jeramieh Rasco 08:39 24 Dec 2016

I have a laptop with a broken screen and i figured if i could display my desktop on my TV ONLY. I set it to display 2nd monitor ONLY.It worked properly untill i changed it to a higher resolution and while it was changing (black screen) i force shut down my computer because it was taking too long. It works on duplicate,extend and show only 1st monitor (laptop screen) but not on show only 2nd monitor (my TV). both laptop and TV has a black screen when displaying only 2nd monitor i tried fixing it by COMMAND+P and hoping that my TV would display after trying extend and duplicate(working) to 2nd monitor only.Before messing up my display, displaying my pc to my TV was working fine, the resolution 1366x768 fitted the TV. After I messed up my display the resolution didn't fit when going to extend or duplicate. I tried going to safe mode , enabling low resolution video and updating drivers but to no luck. Currently i am using Duplicate to display it on my tv but i cant go to a resolution higher than 1023x768 or it wont fit

  JordanMihailov 09:34 24 Dec 2016

What are the resolutions of the 2 monitors and what are the refresh rates ?

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