2nd monitor causing huge wifi speed loss?

  darkchocolat 14:18 11 Feb 2019

Hi, This may sound crazy, but I'm pretty sure that when I plug in a 2nd monitor (BUSH 24" TV) to my GPU by a HDMI cable, my download speed drops down to around 5? Whereas usually it sits at around 70. I've never experienced a problem like this before and I cannot think of any reason why it would be doing this? I would any appreciate any help thanks :)

  Old Deuteronomy 16:10 11 Feb 2019

Is the old tv a CRT? If it is and you are using WiFi to connect to your router, the magnetic field the tv generates is likely the cause of the problem.

  darkchocolat 16:14 11 Feb 2019

@Old Deuteronomy the second monitor is a Bush 24inch LED TV with Full HD 1080p. If I attach the monitor to the pc using a hdmi cable attatched to a HDMI to DVI converter, will that make a difference?

Thankyou for your reply!

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