2nd hdd need constant formatting?

  second best 00:51 07 Nov 2003

hi, i have a second seagate 60 gig drive, (at this point unused but connected as slave) which has recently, i presume, develpoed a fault. keeps telling me random gigabyte sizes ranging from, upto now, 89 gig, to over 1000. bios reports it to be ok. if i unplug it, it can be ok, but only for a short while, then if i shud restart or not, it will change. taskbar reports new drive and tells me it needs to be formatted. any ideas? oh, and it wont format anyway. i have tried to format when it was reported correctly, and it did apparently, but it has changed again, and telling to me to format.

  second best 00:53 07 Nov 2003

oh, i have win xp pro.

  powerless 00:55 07 Nov 2003

What wattage is your PSU? ...and list the components you have inside yor computer.

But it sounds like a damaged HDD.

  woody 00:56 07 Nov 2003

Have you used the same file sys (ntfs?)on both drives?

  second best 01:24 07 Nov 2003

yeah i have same file sys. psu is 300w. er, i made a mistake though. bios is also now reporting it as 108.gig i need to knw if it is a software (virus) or hardware so i can take it back.
powerless, i could list all the components, but i dont see, why, but i guesss that's why im hear, coz i cant se th eprob, anyway

1.1 amd
gforce2 mx/mx 400
512 sdram

having probs with the whole thing for 3 years, but seeme dto be temp at around 60 +, ,but dismantled it all , ,atx case, temp has gone down to 47 without load, rises to less than 60 with load.

  second best 01:26 07 Nov 2003

take a look at this.

SeaTools Desktop v2.00.09
Copyright (c) 2003 Kroll Ontrack Inc.
11/07/2003 @ 1:03 AM

The following information has been generated by the SeaTools Desktop. Use this information to help you recognize and resolve potential data access problems in a timely manner.

System Information:
BIOS Date 09/14/01
Conventional Memory size 639 K
Extended Memory size 58532 K
IO Channel type PCI

Drive Information:
----- --------- ---------------------
1 108.74 GB [T;48095I ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Serial Number = =LI08Y<8( ( ( ( ( (
Int13 Num = 81, PHYS CHS = 13220x255x63.
ParmTable CHS, Rsvd = 13220x255x63

---------- ------------ ----
# Type Start End MB
1 Unknown 0 8354 68720
2 Unknown 8354 16709 68720
3 Unknown 8354 16709 68720
4 Unknown 8354 16709 68720
5 Unknown 8354 21573 108728

Diagnostic Results:
Drive 1 ([T;48095I ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ()
SMART Status Check Result: Passed
90-Second Test Result: Failed
Sector 170608584, I/O Error
File Structure Test Result: Failed
Partition 1 (No Label) Result: Extended partition table I/O error
Partition 2 (No Label) Result: Extended partition table I/O error
Partition 3 (No Label) Result: Extended partition table I/O error
Partition 4 (No Label) Result: Extended partition table I/O error
Partition 5 (No Label) Result: Extended partition table I/O error
Complete Surface Scan Result: Not Selected

S.M.A.R.T., (S)elf (M)onitoring (A)nalysis and (R)eporting (T)echnology, a built-in hard disk drive failure prediction method reports an 'Alert' if a problem has occurred. It reports 'Passed' if no problems are found and 'Unsupported' if a hard disk drive does not support S.M.A.R.T.


Diagnostic Summary:
System Memory Test Result: Passed

Drive 1 ([T;48095I ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ()
SMART Status Check Result: Passed
90-Second Test Result: Failed
File Structure Test Result: Failed
Complete Surface Scan Result: Not Selected

A physical problem has been detected, please run Complete Surface Scan test.
If you are not experiencing data loss and SeaTools reports File System Structure errors, they may be caused by a lock-up or failure to shutdown Windows correctly. Many times, these errors may be repaired through normal system maintenance. If you are experiencing a hardware error, you should isolate the cause and replace the failing component. If you are unsure how to proceed with repairs, contact a computer professional. After completing any maintenance tasks, run SeaTools again to verify that all errors have been repaired. If errors continue to occur, the system may not be stable. Again, contact a computer professional.

If you have experienced a data loss, cease drive operation immediately. Professional data recovery service is the best option to recover your data.

SeaTools Desktop v2.00.09
Copyright (c) 2003 Kroll Ontrack Inc.

  second best 01:27 07 Nov 2003

this is seagate diagnostic, ,coldnt even detect the drive. you can see the drive name, is something crazy, with loads of brackets.

  second best 01:29 07 Nov 2003

i am now going to disconnect the drive and reconnect it

Use a floppy boot disk containing a copy of FDisk to boot the computer.

Switch to the 2nd disk and see what it says it has (just for interest).

On that 2nd disk delete any or all partitions that it may be showing.

Now create a partition of 2039Mb, make it a logical partition.

Exit Fdisk and see whether the disk is now being reported correctly after a reboot.

If able format the new partition.

  second best 13:13 07 Nov 2003

hi whisperer. im not sure if i need to do that. i disconnected, like i said i was going to , and the drice is now reported correctly. i have scanned with norton virus and utils, and run the seagate diag again. no errors are being reported, however, i expect this to change very soon. oops, i tell a lie, it was ok before i went to bed, but i cant access it again. parameter incorrect. the file system is being reported as RAW, what is this, i assumed it was READ and WRITE.

  second best 15:19 07 Nov 2003

ok, i have just disconnected my master drive leaving only the problem drive. i formatted ready fo a clean install of xp using ntfs, but it is still not acessable when i reconnect my master and look in my computer

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