2nd HDD crashing computer

  Epirb406 19:51 11 Oct 2003

Hi all,

installed 2nd hard drive, set as slave etc....

recognised in bios for size, existence etc

if enabled PC hangs on start up with windows protection error

I need to get the pc to start and be happy with it, any ideas?

cheers Epirb.

ps. up to date pc and win ME

pps read everything that a search on 2nd hard drive brought up!

  alan 2273 19:54 11 Oct 2003

can you tell us what the error says.

  Epirb406 20:04 11 Oct 2003

its a blue screen with with "windows protection error, you must restart your computer" written on it


  Djohn 20:31 11 Oct 2003

Double check your connections again, even remove/replace each one. If you are using an 80 strand IDE cable, then make sure that the primary drive is connected to the end plug and slave drive to the centre.

Double check the jumper on the rear of the hard drive, with some drives it can be difficult to see if you have chosen the correct pins to put the jumper on.

Also, if you are using 80 strand IDE cable, then try the second drive set to "Cable select". As long as you use the centre connector on the IDE cable, the drive will be recognised. This will at least eliminate any problems with the position of the jumper connector. J.

  Epirb406 20:41 11 Oct 2003

jumpers and cnnections fine

80 strand ide cable new to me? is that the standard ribbon cable?

havent tried cs that another mystery to me


  Rayuk 20:56 11 Oct 2003

click here
Have you tried starting up in safe mode?

  keith-236785 21:03 11 Oct 2003

a normal ide cable is 40wire, the 80 wire is for the faster ata 100-133 drives if your motherboard supports it.

try removing the jumper from the drive and try again, i have found that to work sometimes.

also enter the bios and check that both ide drives are being detected ok, they should both be set to auto.

if you have an option to auto detect all hard drives use that and try again.

good luck

  kingkenny 21:07 11 Oct 2003

have you tried the cable select mode for each drive?

  Djohn 21:10 11 Oct 2003

Yep! Standard for the past couple of years now. The previous cable was 40 strand. The extra strands are earthing/shield strands and don't offer any extra connections at the connectors. The cables are much finer, just count the first ten "Ribs" of the cable and you will be able to judge from that as to which your cables are.

Cable select is offered on Hard drives and is usually denoted as CS in the diagram. I know that most people still prefer to set their drives manually as Master/Slave, but with the 80 strand you can use CS, but must connect your drives in the correct order. IE: Master at the far end and slave in the middle. This is the way I have mine set. The BIOS has been adjusted to read the drives this way and it works just fine.

OK, back to your problem. Afraid I'm stuck at the moment and can't think what to suggest next, but hang on in there and someone is bound to know whats going on. If the thread slips to the bottom of the page, just refresh and get it back to the top. One of the "Drive" guy's will see it and help. Regards. j.

  DieSse 21:12 11 Oct 2003

80 wire cables are required for anything greater than UDMA33 - without an 80 wire cable they will only work at 33MHz maximum.

Simply count the wires to be sure.

With an 80 or 40 wire cable, it makes no difference which connector the drives are on, if they are jumpered Master and Slave.

With an 80 wire cable only, you can use Cable Select jumpers on both drives - in which case the drive at the end of the cable will be the Master, and the one in the middle will be the Slave. This is defined by the cable wiring.

Try your new drive on the Secondary IDE cable - does it cause a problem there??

  Djohn 21:12 11 Oct 2003

paperman27 & kingkenny, sorry, forgot to refresh before I posted, so missed your replies. :o(

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