2nd HD correctly read by BIOS, but unreadable -XP

  dekles 23:05 08 Dec 2008

I have a problem with my 2nd HD (D), which is correctly read by BIOS set-up as being present, correct size (250GB) etc. but system (XP Professional +SP3) will not boot if it is connected. Boots perfectly if dis-connected. Booting with BartPE disk works, but trying to open disk gives message that HD is RAW, and cannot be used by Bart. Any ideas about restoring disc to a readable state? I have a recovery program which can recover files from HDs, including accidentally re-formatted ones, but obviously I can only use this if I can get the system to boot with the disk connected. I have a back-up of most of the data on the disk, but there are a few items I had not yet backed up, and would like to save, if possible.

  Technotiger 23:16 08 Dec 2008

If it is connected as a slave, try it instead in a USB enclosure.

  Ashrich 00:19 09 Dec 2008

Right click on Computer ( My Computer in XP ) and select " Manage " , double click on Storage , then the same on Disk Management , you will see the disk listed on the right hand pane , right click on the piece where it says Disk 1 , you will get the options to Initialise the disk for reading with the OS . Hope that helps , or do a Google for Initialising hard drives .


  Ashrich 00:24 09 Dec 2008

Disregard what I have just said , I didn't read all your post correctly , I see you already have data on it ....is the PC trying to boot from this hard drive ? There should be the option in the bios to change this , in boot options you should be able to specify which disk to boot from , if it still causes problems it might be faulty .


  MCE2K5 01:19 09 Dec 2008

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