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2nd Hardrive not showing after boot problem follin bios battery replacement

  Roadgiant 21:41 03 Nov 2012

I'll start by giving a bit of background, my computer wasn't retaining the time after powering off. I changed the CMOS as that appeared to be the problem looking around the net. I have 2 hard drives on my PC (win 7 op system asus P5-nd), after changing the battery, PC wouldn't boot coming up with the message "bootmgr missing" I then went into the bios on startup, set the PC to boot from DVD then did a repair of w7 which told me I had a problwm with boot (which I allready knew),managed to getthe PC booting fine from the primary drive. So far so good, PC now up and running, but only one drive showing.Went into disc management,2nd drive notshowing, rebooted into setup, only one drive showing The 2nd larger drive only has some video images on, which ideally I could do with accessing,first drive has opp system, program files etc. Any suggestions, many thanks RG

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:07 03 Nov 2012

Does the 2nd drive show in BIOS?

You may have to Enable certain SATA port in BIOS for the drive to show.

  Roadgiant 22:20 03 Nov 2012

Thanks for the replies, \i havn't got a caddy at the moment, so can't try that one. Only one drive is showing in the bios. Also I forgot to mention that I seem to have "inherited" a floppy disc drive "A" that doesnt exist!!!"

  Roadgiant 08:15 04 Nov 2012

Thanks for the help and advice,problem now sorted, loose SATA cable going to the 2nd drive,probabally caused by me when I was replacing CMOS battery,I had to move the graphics card to get to the battery and in doing so must have dislodged cable. Ocew again thanks for the help RG

  Roadgiant 08:18 04 Nov 2012

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:28 04 Nov 2012

"inherited" a floppy disc drive "A" that doesnt exist!!!" ' thats because you have changed the CMOS battery and the settings have reverted to default.

just disable floppy seek and floppy controller (FDD FDC) in the BIOS.

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