2nd harddrive - basics

  Dark Knight 20:46 06 Oct 2003

My current hard drive is approaching its limit and I require more disc space. I am hoping to fit a second harddrive but am unsure of some basic points. I am quite happy at the moment to have the the second drive as a slave thus do not need to partition or add a second operating system thus willl use it solely as a

1) Is installing a second hd just a matter of sloting it in and saving stuff to it?
2) Can I fit any hd (i.e. compatability)
3) will adding the secong drive affect the labelling of my other drives?

Are there any other issues that I should be aware of or tips that anyone can give?

Can anyone recommend a website for selling well priced HDs and a site/book that can insruct me on steps to take

  mark e 21:01 06 Oct 2003

This might Help click here

I just searched for hard drive in the last month

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:02 06 Oct 2003

1) basically, yes but you set it to slave. The HD instructions will give advice in this. I just dump all manner of programmes onto my 2nd HD (external and better than internal IMHO) and run them from it when I feel like. You do not need an OS on the 2nd HD, as the OS of the main HD will run everything.

2) You should be able to fit any; Maxtor, Western Digital and Seagate seem to be popular.

3) shouldn't do, the drive will be assigned a spare letter...mine is K. The letter will depend on what you have glued to your computer, such as card readers etc.


  Simon_P 21:05 06 Oct 2003

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1. you will have set jumper to slave.
Attach it to same cable as your master drive (middle connector on ribon) make sure that the red wire is closest to power connector.

When this is done and all connected you can power up PC
Drive should be reconised automaticly and will probably be allocated (D:) your CD Rom(s) etc will now be E: and F: etc.

3 You will have to format drive before you can use it for storage. You can do this from windows or DOS.

You will be able to save/install to it just like your main drive.

If you have an IDE drive/interface and I suspect that you have. you must use an IDE 2nd drive, and not an SATA drive.

Hope that this helps.

  Dark Knight 21:40 06 Oct 2003

THanks So Far

Would it be more beneficial to have two hard drives i.e. my current plus new slave or would it be better to transfer all my current hd files to a new, larger HD and thus only operate with the single drive?

  Simon_P 22:06 06 Oct 2003

Thad depends on what you want.
Personaly I prefer 2 drives, this way you can back up important data to the 2nd drive, so if one drive fails you still have all your data safly on 2nd HDD.

  byfordr 08:13 07 Oct 2003

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  stlucia 08:41 07 Oct 2003

Just one thing to add to the good advice above: Your current hard drive will be "Master" at the moment so you shouldn't have to change the jumper settings on it when you install the new drive as a "Slave".

But SOME hard drives have two different "Master" settings -- one for when it's working alone, and another for when there's a slave drive present. It's worth checking the label on the side of the drive (or the handbook) while you've got the case open.

  Laser157 08:52 07 Oct 2003

I just added a second drive using the Seagate disc wizzard software. It's easy to use with step by step instructions and I had no problems. It even gives the option of copying your whole existing drive onto the new one and making it the new master, which I did. Software available free on the Seagate website.

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