2nd hard drive problem.

  Macca810 11:31 10 Jan 2012

I have a custom built pc with 2 hard drives of which the first one is the master and is 64gb ssd.It is partitioned with my os and recovery and almost full and problem is that my second hard drive of 2tb has no drive letter and I can't seem to initialise it.It does not show up in my bios and seeing as it is healthy and shows up in my device management and I only know the basics I am stumped as to how to initialise it.Any help would be appreciated,thanks.

  robin_x 12:00 10 Jan 2012

Try Windows Disc Management

Disc Management also allows you to assign or add a drive letter.

You may also wish to consider having more than one partition on the drive rather than a single 2TB one. I find Partition Wizard is better than Disc Management then.

Note that formatting may take a long time. If needed, you could do a Quick Format and run chkdsk at a later convenient time.

  Macca810 16:16 10 Jan 2012

Thanks for the info but it seems that my 2tb has been formatted as recovery with no drive letter and as my knowledge is limited I want to change it but it does'nt offer that option and would I be right that I need to allocate it in my bios?I looked in bios and it does'nt show up.

  robin_x 17:12 10 Jan 2012

I don't think you can do anything in BIOS it will either show or not show.

(The only part of my BIOS that lists drives is in the Boot Order section anyway).

But if you can see it elsewhere it should not matter.

Drives do not get formatted as "Recovery". It should be formatted as NTFS (or FAT if very old which a 2TB drive is not).

Are you seeing the drive manufacturers Recovery partition? With rest of the drive perhaps Unallocated?

What exactly do you see if you go into Disc management?

You are running a PC and Windows I assume and have not bought an Apple HDD?

  Macca810 17:23 10 Jan 2012

Yes,Windows 7 and the whole of the disk is recovery partition and has no format while my ssd is ntfs and primary partition for both.It states that the disk is healthy but I have no option to initialise.

  rdave13 17:25 10 Jan 2012

I might be way out here as you've said that the PC is custom built but a bit puzzled by the recovery bit? I'm just wondering if you used recovery discs to install Windows and it's thought that the two drives were partitions and made the second drive a recovery partition?

  Macca810 17:33 10 Jan 2012

I installed Windows myself yes but did'nt check my disks first and so have a ssd 64gb with my os and recovery together partitioned and a redundant 2tb that I can't initialise.Sorry for the time i'm taking up but as I said I only know basics and appreciate your patience.

  Macca810 17:46 10 Jan 2012

My ssd is simple basic ntfs (c) and (d) online and healthy whereas my 2tb is no drive letter simple basic no file system online healthy and recovery partition.

  robin_x 18:04 10 Jan 2012

Can you show us a Screenshot of what you have?

Go into Disc Management and maximise the Window.

Press Alt PrtScrn. To copy your screen to the clipboard.

Start Search Paint. Run Paint.


Save As anything.jpg

Go to imageshack.us and browse to the file you just saved and upload it.

Copy and paste the link you get back here.

  Macca810 18:09 10 Jan 2012

Will do,thanks buddy.

  Macca810 18:15 10 Jan 2012

My prtscrn does'nt seem to work for me,any suggestions.

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