2nd Hard Drive only showing 31.4gb when its 80gb..

  theons100 13:10 26 Jun 2006

Help please....

Just put a 2nd hard drive into my system, its an 80gb Seagate and my primary hard drive is a 300gb Seagate.
My 2nd drive is only showing as 31.4gb!!

I have checked all other threads and there has been some topics like this before so I have followed all the advice on them:

There is no jumper on the 2nd drive, it is formatted in NTFS the same as the 300gb one, I have even tried the "regedit" advice given out in a thread in Nov 2005.... nothing seems to be working...arrrrgggghhh!

Any help would be much appreciated but if it involves the "regedit" advice please make sure that the instructions are very clear.

Thanks in advance

  woodchip 13:17 26 Jun 2006

Check the jumper on the drive is not set to 32gb

  Pamy 16:18 26 Jun 2006

When you say there are no jumpers on the second drive do you mean there is no provision for jumper setting? If so it may be a sata drive?

  DieSse 16:36 26 Jun 2006

Have a look in Disk Management

Control Panel - Administartive Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management.

I presume the drive will show up - but what does it show up as? - Number of partitions, Unallocated Space - what?

  theons100 18:52 26 Jun 2006

DieSse many thanks i have entered Disk Management and it is showing that there is 44gb or so that was unallocated.....i am currently formatting this section. Is there anyway that i can join these two partions?

  woodchip 19:29 26 Jun 2006

If it's Fat32 no. But if you can format as NTFS it should see it all. Otherwise you have to partition the drive to use it all

  woodchip 19:32 26 Jun 2006

PS as this is a Old drive it will probably be formatted as Fat32 and may have partitions. Best thing is to use a Win98se floppy disc and remove all partition then see what disc manager shows.
click here

  bremner 19:40 26 Jun 2006

If you want a FAT32 partition above the 32GB limit then download and use the Maxblast 4 Dos disk from Maxtor.

I regularly use it to partition 250GB+ drives to FAT32.

  theons100 19:42 26 Jun 2006

Many thanks Woodchip.
My 300gb is NTFS and now the 80gb drive is also NTFS but in two partitions of equal size....how do I make these two smaller partitions one partition??

  woodchip 19:47 26 Jun 2006

If you did it as I said it should have created just one Partition. Use this to kill the partitions then check disc manager click here

  woodchip 19:48 26 Jun 2006

Make sure you choose the right disc to scrub

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