2nd Hard Drive Not Recognised after reinstall

  upsetter 17:34 23 Nov 2004

Just re-installed my original settings from my ME boot disc but like a complete muppet forgot all about my 2nd hard drive. I did not format it or delete all the files off of it.
As a consequence I cannot get the system to recognise the 2nd drive.
I go through the install new hardware bit & it says "new software found" (have not actually installed any) but the drive does not appear anywhere. I tried rebooting the system but I get a red screen saying something about conflicting systems, which I assume is because the 2nd hard drive has later settings etc ???, & then the blue screen with error messages etc.
I then disconect the 2nd drive & reboot with no problems.

Anybody help me out of this one please

  upsetter 17:55 23 Nov 2004

The message I get when the 2nd drive is connected up after a reboot is...

NAV AUTO PROTECT (red screen)

i then press enter& get

FILE NAME VMM (12) + 000030E3 ERROR : OE : 0028 : C02820E3

press any key


I hope that gives more of an idea.

I forgot to mention the 2nd drive is the slave & the jumpers have not been changed at all.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:06 23 Nov 2004

Try putting 2nd hard disc on secondary IDE cable (leave as slave).

This should stop the conflicting boot problems then you can delete the system of it and replace on primary IDE cable.

  upsetter 19:37 23 Nov 2004

Thanks F.B.

I have changed the IDE cables over & now have a "c" & "D" drive, hurrah. The 2nd (larger) drive has now become the C drive & shows all my reintalled programmes etc. NOT THE PRE REINTSALL!
What now? If a clear the C drive (was my 2nd)won't it wipe out all the system....
Clearing the now D drive just made the system not reboot so reinstalled what I cleared after changing the cables back over.
Don't really want to chance clearing the C drive as neither drive is showing any of my old stuff but now have a lot of the same files on both drives, but not exactly !!

Have I missed some thing here & am just being a dunce. Does it make sense ?

confused, on the floor, under the desk

  dfghjkl 00:36 24 Nov 2004

try disk management,you will be able to format from there,just done it on my xp system and also on my sons 98se.i dont know where it is on me but if you do a search you should find it,peter.

  woodchip 00:58 24 Nov 2004

Set you old drive to Master and Second drive to Slave with jumper on back of drives, if on the same Ribbon Cable

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