2nd Hard Drive Help

  chugby 12:23 24 Oct 2004

looking to purchase a second harddrive, want to check compatibility as my system a few years old. Current Spec being, Systemax AMD 1.2Ghz, WinME, Motherboard - Biostar M7VKB KT133 SocketA, Current Harddrive - Maxtor DiamondMax 60GB 7200 rpm UDMA100 2MB, RAM 512Mb. Also have firewire
so an external harddrive an option, assume system spec wouldnt be a problem here.
Want for backing up purposes, initially looking
at click here , any advise welcome.

  LastChip 12:45 24 Oct 2004

It seems this motherboard is a bit of an oddball. Apparently, there were three types manufactured all with the same model number.

The oldest only supported UDMA 33/66 drives and the later UDMA 100, however, a UDMA 133 drive will work, but at the slower transfer rate.

You need to investigate the BIOS version to make sure it will support a 120GB drive. Some older BIOS's wont, but I don't know if this applies to your motherboard.

Alternatively, you could use layering software supplied by the drive manufacturer, to overcome that hurdle, should it be necessary.

  chugby 13:27 24 Oct 2004

thanks for reply, will look into further.

  chugby 19:59 27 Oct 2004

...had a look inside computer and shown as M7VKB ver 2.1 with VIA VT82C 686B chip. Is this any help? Many thanks

  LastChip 22:46 27 Oct 2004

It has to be said, the Biostar site isn't the best I've seen for technical information. The latest BIOS version I can find on the Biostar site is dated 2001, so it is unlikely, very large hard drives are supported.

However, as I mentioned above, by using software supplied free by the hard drive manufacturer, (MaxBlast3) you can overcome any limitation that your BIOS may impose. Further, UDMA 133 is backward compatible with the earlier versions. It's just that you won't benefit from the faster data transmission rates.

click here for the information I found, which really doesn't help a lot I'm afraid.

  chugby 20:02 28 Oct 2004

thanks for looking into that, and appreciate advise given.

  chugby 11:38 07 Nov 2004

installed 2nd hard drive and went ok, thanks to your advise was fully prepared!
Have posted anr thread you may have some thoughts on. thanks click here

  LastChip 12:04 07 Nov 2004


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