2nd hard drive

  Nessie 22:55 09 Aug 2003

I have a 20gb hard drive which I want to connect as a 2nd hd. I know how to connect it but which is the best free software to make an exact copy of my main drive so that I can use it for disaster recovery. When connecting it to my present cable, which is an 80 pin cable, am I right in saying that the main hd goes at the end connector and the slave goes on the middle connector.Also if I have more than 2 hd's how do I connect them as there are only 2 connections on the cable, can i buy a cable that will allow me to split the current cable. Thanks

  TBH1 23:08 09 Aug 2003

you are right in assuming your primary/master goes on the end connector, then your primary/slave in the middle. If your present cable has the 3 connectors, then just plug your new on onto the spare - -which will be the middle one.If you need to connect a 3rd , and you have , like most people , a DVD Rom and a CDRW on the other channel, then you can buy a PCI card giving you another ide channel - - -you can only put 2 devices on each channel so you cannot split it further.
To copy your master, I believe Drive Image will sort you out, though I have a copy of this , I haven't used it yet so cannot help there.
Good luck - -

  hillybilly 23:10 09 Aug 2003

I've never heard about "free software" to do what your asking, it sounds like you need to buy an ATA raid controller card, which supports raid level 1, this allows your second drive to be a mirror of your first drive so that should the first drive fail, the scond drive will carry on allowing you to replace the first drive when it's convenient.

  Bodi 23:13 09 Aug 2003

The 40 pin/80 wire cable connects as follows:

Blue to motherboard, black to master & grey to slave.

As far as I am aware, the only cables with several connectors for hard drives are SCSI cables and run from a SCSI host adapter.

However, I believe you can buy an expansion card (Raid?) that allows you to install more hard drives. Probably someone can advise you better than I can on this.

This will put you to the top again.


  Bodi 23:14 09 Aug 2003

or what!


  steve12345 23:16 09 Aug 2003

I thought that you could put the master or slave drives on either middle or end connectors? You just have to set the jumpers on the second drive to slave mode.

I don't know about current MotherBoards but some older MoBo's manuals state that if you connect a EIDE PCI card in, you have to dissable the onboard EIDE support.

  hillybilly 23:24 09 Aug 2003

Your right, it don't matter which goes on the end as long as one is master and one is slave.

The last time I set up one of these raid cards, about 9 months ago I did disable the onboard ata, that is going from memory, anyway the makers of these cards give good instructions and it's very easy to do. They are made by a firm called Promise.

  Nessie 23:40 09 Aug 2003

thanks lads

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