2nd Hard disk problem

  Farleyjim 10:00 07 Nov 2003

I have a peculiar problem. I decided to add my old (40Gb) hard disk to my present set up running XP Home. The first thing I did was disconnect my current hard disk and connected the "new" to do fdisk and format which I believed to have done correctly. However, when I connected both back with the newly formatted disk as a slave,(jumpers in their appropriate place) it was this disc that the computer booted to. I have checked the BIOS and that seems OK. A possible clue is that in its previous life the slave hard disk used to have Norton Go Back and it is this which keeps coming up when I boot. Any ideas folks?

  Farleyjim 16:51 07 Nov 2003

Computers are funny things! I played around with the jumpers and I have now got a fully working computer with two hard drives. The bit I don't understand is that in order to achieve this I have my "old 40gb hard disk" jumpered as master and my C disk (with XP Home) as slave. The computer boots to XP and the 40GB drive appears as the F drive(apt letter!). I have two CD drives as D & E. Once booted up everything appears as I would expect and I am able to copy to the second hard drive. I assume that since everything works I should leave well alone. Am I correct in thinking this?

Thanks Guys

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