2nd Hard disk problem

  Farleyjim 10:00 07 Nov 2003

I have a peculiar problem. I decided to add my old (40Gb) hard disk to my present set up running XP Home. The first thing I did was disconnect my current hard disk and connected the "new" to do fdisk and format which I believed to have done correctly. However, when I connected both back with the newly formatted disk as a slave,(jumpers in their appropriate place) it was this disc that the computer booted to. I have checked the BIOS and that seems OK. A possible clue is that in its previous life the slave hard disk used to have Norton Go Back and it is this which keeps coming up when I boot. Any ideas folks?

  Jester2K II 10:08 07 Nov 2003

Check the jumpers and cable positions are correct. Also if the slave used to have Goback on it, you then fdisk'd and formatted and Goback is still there then it can't have worked properly.

I would have just added the drive as a slave - checked / changed BIOS settings, booted into Windows and formatted the new slave from there.

  pj123 11:18 07 Nov 2003

I have found sometimes that to set jumpers for two drives on the same IDE cable the master has to be set as "Master with Slave" not just "Master".

Have you tried that?

  Djohn 11:32 07 Nov 2003

Have you put our original drive back in on the end of the IDE cable and your new "Slave" drive on the centre connector? The more recent 80 strand IDE cables will recognise the drives from the position the cable. j.

  DieSse 11:52 07 Nov 2003

Only if they're jumpered as "Cable Select"

  Djohn 12:06 07 Nov 2003

Morning DieSse, yes, I realise that, but as you know, the markings on the rear of some drives can be a little confusing and it's quite easy for someone not familiar with the jumper settings to place the jumper in the wrong position.

Just trying to eliminate what might be causing the problem. The 40GB drive I removed from my system was confusing in where to place the jumper, the two new drives that I fitted just required the removal of the jumper connector completely to make them cable select. j.

  Farleyjim 16:51 07 Nov 2003

Computers are funny things! I played around with the jumpers and I have now got a fully working computer with two hard drives. The bit I don't understand is that in order to achieve this I have my "old 40gb hard disk" jumpered as master and my C disk (with XP Home) as slave. The computer boots to XP and the 40GB drive appears as the F drive(apt letter!). I have two CD drives as D & E. Once booted up everything appears as I would expect and I am able to copy to the second hard drive. I assume that since everything works I should leave well alone. Am I correct in thinking this?

Thanks Guys

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