2nd Hard Disk has disappeared on reinstall of 1st

  meekerboy 16:33 29 Feb 2008

Hi there,

I need some urgent help. I backed up all my data to my secondary hard disk from my primary.

I reinstalled XP Pro on the primary being carefull not to tough the secondary hard disk. Now when I view via Disk Management MMC, the secondary hard disk partition appears as healthy but has 0 bytes space. From Explorer it asks me if I want to format it.

What can I do to retrieve this important information?

  Kemistri 17:22 29 Feb 2008

I'm not sure what this has to do with networks.

If you have connected disk 2 on the correct channel with the correct jumper position and it was originally formatted properly using NTFS, I can see no reason why XP Pro cannot read its contents. I often move disks around in and out of arrays in XP Pro PCs and I have never encountered such a problem.

  meekerboy 19:31 29 Feb 2008

I have not changed any configurations. At the moment I am wondering if there are any utils for fixing the MBR or recovering lost tracks is worth a shot?

  T0SH 20:25 29 Feb 2008

It has nothing to do with networks it has everything to do with XP setup you should never leave any data storing hard drives powered up in your PC while clean installing XP onto the master drive for some reason probably only known to microsoft XP setup will do exactly what it did to you (I think when setup checks for any previous OS versions if it does not find any it prepares the drive for use as a dynamic disk volume this action probably overwrites the MBR and FAT areas of the drives but there seems to be little or no information available on this that I can find)

You may be able to recover data with the right software

The simple way to avoid this is always to pull the power plugs from any other data drives fitted prior to a clean XP install

It is just a pity that setup does not warn you ?

Cheers HC

  meekerboy 20:28 29 Feb 2008


Any ideas what will help to recover the drivers? I know that Microsoft System Recover has a FIXMBR command, but to be honest, I do not trust it.


  Jollyjohn 17:04 01 Mar 2008


I can recommend this click here
It will allow you to recover the data on your 2nd hdd

  T0SH 19:22 01 Mar 2008

The only recovery software I have ever had to resort to was called "PC Inspector File Recovery" I sucessfully used it to recover an accidentally deleted hard drive in an MP3 player

I think in your case I would try using the download from Jollyjohns link however when I tried to download the newest 13th Feb 2008 version for XP it says the file is corrupted but the 2007 version downloads and extracts ok

I do not think using FIXMBR would help you in this case

Cheers HC

  meekerboy 23:56 01 Mar 2008

I will let you all know how it goes early next week when I return to work.

Muchos gracias for all the advice.

  meekerboy 14:02 03 Mar 2008

Its all working a treat now! I installed SP2 plus all the updates and its all good. Disk Mgt recognised it straight away.

Thanks for all your help.

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