2nd Hand CD-RW - Problem Installing

  jockym 20:12 05 Jan 2004

Daughter has my 98SE PC and recently tried to get up and running an external Memorex CD-RW which is complete with installation CD. However we made a mistake in trying to set it up without the CD being inserted, the drivers were obviously not found. We then tried inserting the disc but it would not load, we disconnected the CD-RW and disc completely and tried to start from scratch by reinstalling the unit and the disc - the PC wouldn't acknowledge that a new software product had been added. Would be grateful for a solution.

  Gongoozler 20:30 05 Jan 2004

Is this a usb cd-rw, or does it communicate via some other port. If it is usb, does the computer work with other usb devices?

  Cuddles 22:01 05 Jan 2004

Have a look in the system folder and see if there is any reference to it, if there is remove and start again.

  jockym 22:23 05 Jan 2004

Gongoozler: Yes and Yes again. Using the original usb,no problems before.
Cuddles:not sure what you refer to,can you explain please, suspect I do need to remove.
Perhaps should explain, this CD-RW did work when I was running the pc however I downloaded the majority of the programmes when I passed it over, including this one,daughter now wants to use the item but cant get it up and running.

  woodchip 22:39 05 Jan 2004

Is this a USB drive

  woodchip 22:43 05 Jan 2004

You need to disconnect the drive from the USB then go int Device Manager and remove all the USB near the bottom of the list then restart you comp do not fit the Drive at this time but allow Windows to resetup the USB devices on your computer. When it as done this put the CD in that you got with the drive and run setup then plug the drive into computer it will more than likely ask you to put the CD back in so leave it there until it does now see how it goes

  jockym 12:15 06 Jan 2004

Yes it is using a USB drive. I am a bit worried about removing all the USB in the Device Manager woodchip,there are about 8 of them. I tried again to install whilst in the Device Manager setup using the cd and I was informed the cd didn't have the driver required,it couldn't find a driver either when searching on the net. I had this problem before when I "lost" the modem and had to get a local Engineer to sort it out,I may have to do the same again.

  ThePharcyde007 12:39 06 Jan 2004

I would recommend getting a copy of Windows XP. Less issues with compatability/driver issues. If you are to call a engineer out for a modem & CD drive, you would have been able to brought WIN XP which is more user freindly.

Hope this helps

  jockym 12:11 09 Jan 2004

I think I have solved the driver problem: went into the Memorex site and searched,it gave me one and I downloaded it into the PC. Its now up and running albeit with a different programme as the original disc had been badly scratched by the grandkids, along with a couple more, one of which Grandpa is rather annoyed about!!! Well not for long they are only 3 and 4 years old. Thanks for the input.

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