SANAP 21:28 10 Apr 2004

I am not a techie so lost. I just got a new PC with win xp pro, old has WIN98SE. One is downstairs(old) and new is upstairs. I have a second adsl modem and thought I would use that on the new PC and then use BB as and when. But I loaded all the software about an hour ago, got ADSL modem as woRking etc etc. However when I click connect I get error 678!!!

Can anyone help? I disconnected all the other bits and pieces from the old PC still no joy. Is it configured to only work with one PC? If it is that is daft as what happens when I get a new PC?

Any help greatly appreciated.


  ©®@$? 21:38 10 Apr 2004

Error 678: There is no answer.
Although your ADSL modem does not dial to connect to the internet, it can receive the error 678 no answer. This is usually because there is an invalid number entered for your computer to dial.

  LastChip 21:43 10 Apr 2004

You should be able to connect either PC with an ADSL modem, however, you CANNOT connect both simultaneously.

The ADSL connection, is not PC specific, in other words, you can connect any PC you like.

Error 678 refers to the fact you cannot connect. This may mean you are dialing the wrong number. Now, for ADSL, you do not need a specific number, but you must enter something - 0 for example. Or, the setup for your modem is incorrect - using the wrong protocol for example, or there is a fault on the line. Not necessarily a fault with BT, but perhaps an extension fault, incorrect wiring etc.

If I had to make a bet, I'd go for a configuration problem, providing you have verified the modem itself is working.

  SANAP 21:59 10 Apr 2004

I am downstairs now and it is a ok. When I use the connect button on here the no. is shown as * and nothing else.

When I go to help pages access no.is shown as

BB Access Number*:8,35

Now how do I enter that on the WINXP PC???

I am in Ireland with BTESAT or IOL BB as it is better known.

I know nothing about xp!!


  SANAP 22:01 10 Apr 2004

And I would have thought that when I loaded the software from the CDROM it would automatically put the correct number in!!

With WINXP I am lost as I cant see where to put a tel no anyway!!


  SANAP 23:47 10 Apr 2004

just to say I got this sorted BUT not sure what actually worked!! In the end I put the following in the run command

NETSH INTERFACE IP RESLECT LOG.TXT and I think it worked. Apparently xp comes with its own PPOE protocols and they can cause conflict.


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