2month old CPU suddenly hitting 90 degrees celsius

  jack_280 14:28 20 Jun 2017

I built a low end gaming PC costing about £450, the processor that i used (AMD Athlon II X4 860K 3.7 GHz Quad-Core) has suddenly started hitting temps of around 90 degrees Celsius whereas before it was consistently around the 35-40 mark? any reasons? comp is only 2 months old all parts were brand new and the PC is fitted with a Cryorig H7 which is more than satisfactory for the PC i have, Thanks in advance.

  MJS WARLORD 17:04 20 Jun 2017

are all your fans running , take a look. i dont know how long it takes for temp to go high was you doing just general pc work or gaming when it happens you might think this a dumb question but did you put thermal paste on cpu heatsink.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:50 20 Jun 2017

Surprising how fast dust and fluff can build up especially if you have pets.

  jack_280 03:19 21 Jun 2017

yes all fans are running, i had thermal paste on the cpu, ive tried replacing it just in case it was that however the same problem persists. very quickly if i run anything like chrome or steam instantly it shoots upto 70-80 degrees then if i launch and play any game it varies between 70-95 degrees... ive cleaned it all its clear of any dust however its still reaching these temps :\

  wee eddie 08:38 21 Jun 2017

What are your external air temperatures and how good is the airflow around your PC?

  jack_280 12:33 21 Jun 2017

i couldn't give you exact external temps however the PC is well ventilated and the room is fairly cool.

  wee eddie 13:00 21 Jun 2017

It's just that, when the weather gets hot, we usually get a flood of such problems

  jack_280 13:55 21 Jun 2017

yeah we had a lot higher temps since the good weather however i didn't feel like it wouldn't make my cpu temp go from 40 to 90 like i understand that its gonna heat up a little but i dont understand the drastic change.

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