2Mb Broadband Connection (Reliability)

  alltime 10:36 20 Jun 2005

Hi all.
I would be interested to hear about the reliability of your 2Mb connections.
I have a 2Mb with Bt and have had nothing but problems. Have to keep booting the Modem/Router,Checked all the settings with belkin (F5d7633) and no problems. Just wont connect, when it does the page cant be displayed, log onto a site takes ages to load and sometimes locks up. Would anybody have any suggestions Please.
Worked perfectly with my US Robotics Modem.

  Pooke 11:14 20 Jun 2005

NTL 2meg has been pretty reliable for me. Very rarely I lose the connection and have to restart the modem and PC to get it back. But I have unistalled their BB medic and CFD.exe programs as they bugged the hell out of me, maybe that's why....

But generally I am happy with NTL's services.


  TonyAA 11:27 20 Jun 2005

For about 2 weeks i've been having problems too with no BB connection when I switch on computer,connection dropping when computer on standby and now it's dropping the connection every 10mins.Contacted Netgear but my DG834G modem/router is OK and when I spoke to BT they were no help and blamed my computer.According to the BT Status Line 0800 169 0199 they seem to be playing about with the broadband connections.
I'm really sick of it and feel like changing my ISP.

  TonyAA 11:35 20 Jun 2005

Should have said that "page cannot be displayed" is coming up all the time and driving me mad.

  the-emsworth-kid 11:37 20 Jun 2005

Been on 2mb with NTL for around 3 months and (so far!) it hasn't dropped once.

  TonyAA 11:48 20 Jun 2005

I've had broadband with BB with BT virtually since it started and this is the first major problem.Possibly only BT that's affected.

  Jackcoms 16:03 20 Jun 2005

I've been using BB with Tiscali since April 2004.

I started at 512k, upgraded to 1MB and now I'm on 2MB.

I've only had one problem around the turn of this year when I couldn't connect at all. I checked all my connections, swore a lot and finally rang the Tiscali helpline.

Based in India, they were very helpful and it turned out that the problem was due to scheduled maintenance at my local BT exchange. Nothing to do with Tiscali at all.

I was back on line more or less at the time Tiscali predicted.

Shame that BT weren't able to tell users in advance about their maintenance schedules!!

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