£2K for a PC

  JACC 17:36 19 Jul 2007

I'm looking to spend around £2k on a new pc and it's turning out to be a bit of a nightmare on how to get good value for my money.The pc will be used for gaming, video editing, music, web surfing and as the good lady says "it better look good" I've found that i can get pc's without the monitor and buy that seperatley .There's things i would like to know like is it worth getting Vista Ultimae? how much Ram should i get?what graphics card or cards?is a 22" monitor the way to go? as you can imagine for £2k i would like to my moneys worth and that is why i'm asking "the wise and the good" of Pc Advisor .So far i've been at Mesh and toying with Alienawre (pricey)

  X™ 17:38 19 Jul 2007

...build a computer. There was a PC for over £2k at PCWorld, and I built my sister a slightly better one for £610.

  JACC 17:44 19 Jul 2007

Too much of a coward

  JACC 17:46 19 Jul 2007

Sorry , that should be "i'm too much of a coward" apologies :(

  mike1967 17:48 19 Jul 2007

Not trying to be funny there is no way on this earth you will build a PC from PCWorld that cost 2k for £610, its you PC builders that really get on peoples nerves yes its satisfying but you will never save that amount.

Systems these days are normally cheaper

  SANTOS7 17:50 19 Jul 2007

click here

the one on the left with

click here

one of these..

click here&

depends on how much noise ya wanna make...

  JACC 17:57 19 Jul 2007

Thankyou SANTOS7, thats the sort of kit i was looking for , anyone got anything to compare with SANTOS7 suggestions ?

  Batch 17:58 19 Jul 2007

You seem to be prepared to shell out an awful lot of dosh for a PC and yet, by the very nature of your questions, it suggests that you may not have a great deal of experience / knowledge.

If you'd already had / used PCs for quite some time I would have expected that you would already have evolved your own ideas.

Working on the basis that my summation is about right, I would question why you should need to spend so much. In fact, how did you arrive at such a figure. Surely, isn't the right way to approach this is to work out what you want / need and then see how much?

More generally, as with most things, you very quickly get in to a law of diminishing returns. I.e. a £2000 PC will not be twice as good as a £1000. This is for several reasons, inclucing:

- The more expensive / top of the range tend to be later / latest technology.

- By the very nature that they are more expensive, fewer top of the range models are sold and so economies of scale are not achieved in production, sourcing / purchasing etc. Consequently they are disproportionately expensive.

  skidzy 19:32 19 Jul 2007

Batch...very well put across.

If you have that amount to burn,this includes a 20in widescreen monitor click here

  Totally-braindead 19:37 19 Jul 2007

Its not a good idea to have 2 threads on the same subject and I replied in the other one click here

  Batch 12:58 20 Jul 2007

See the PCA review of this £1000 model. Do you really need more?

click here

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