28.8Kbps on dial-up

  graham√ 11:27 26 Jul 2003

I've seen no mention, apart from in Latest News on the right, about the new minimum of 28.8Kbps which telecom providers have to supply, as from yesterday. The old minimum was 2.4Kbps! For the first time, those affected by DACS slowing their connection speeds can demand its removal.

I should get in quick, though! Once the word spreads to the masses, BT and Kingston are going to be swamped!

  powerless 11:31 26 Jul 2003

Are you a Telecommunications Engineer graham√

  graham√ 12:13 26 Jul 2003

I have been! Technician with touring pop groups before that. Now a gentleman of leisure!

  graham√ 21:30 26 Jul 2003

Q kick for the rush hour customers' information.

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