286 HD Failure

  Ex plorer 15:24 17 Jun 2006

Hi I have just got an old 286 PC, after boot up it came to the C: I wanted to format it fat 16.
I popped the Win 98 in and pressed OK unfortunately I hadn’t put the floppy in all the way and since then the PC comes up with hard disk .
I would like to get it back into use as the HD is D shaped or best described as it has a long rounded corner and even my oldest drives wont fit.
I could run a Seagate test but I can’t find what I need to down load onto a floppy to check the drive if that’s possible.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:30 17 Jun 2006

you need to enter BIOS and change to boot order to floppy drive a: first.

Do you get a message as to "press ??? to enter setup"?

  Ex plorer 15:38 17 Jun 2006

It was set to boot from the 5.1/4 drive so I changed it to 3.1/2.
The drive spins ok and then stops I have tried a good drive in and its fine.
I have removed the old ISA card that the HD connects to and reseated it changed IDE cable etc.

  Ex plorer 15:40 17 Jun 2006

Hi yes press FI or F2

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:46 17 Jun 2006

go to set up and check floppy s first boot device.

e.g. boot order a c cdrom.

Also make sure your floppy disk is bootable.

if it just boots to c: try

c:\format c:

it may need DOS loading from a floppy

If it will boot from CD (I doubt it being a 286) try an win98 CD.

  Ray5776 19:09 17 Jun 2006

Why are you doing this? Noah had a better one in his Ark.

  Ex plorer 13:25 18 Jun 2006

Ray5776, I like to tinker with old PCs and the early Windows and DOS programs.
Many people have helped me sort the above out here at PCA in the past.
Back to the HD after reading my first post it should read it comes up with HD Failure.
Press F1 to continue or F2 to enter Setup.
There are only 2 drives two flopies one 3.1/2 and 5.1/4 there is not an option for a CD in Setup.
The Drive is a Segate ST 157A-1 around 45MB it has 3disks as I have had a look inside it and it seems to function ok.
I have tried to boot from both drives but its no go.

  Jak_1 14:37 18 Jun 2006

Win 98 on a 286 !!!!! Win 98 is fat32 and I would doubt that the hdd in a 286, nor the RAM would be adequate for the job. The processor would struggle too!

  Ray5776 17:17 18 Jun 2006

Hi Ex plorer,
My last posting was meant lightheartedly.
I feel you are pushing your luck trying to run Win98 on this machine but if it is your hobby give it a go, this is how we find things out.

DOS is very useful, I still use it for various things.

Good luck with the tinkering.


  fitshase 19:49 18 Jun 2006

What's a 286? :-D

It takes me back when I had a top of the range 486 sx 25 MHz with 4MB RAM and a 120MB HDD.

Windows 3.1 worked a treat but installing Office from about 26 floppies was always a yawn.

Good luck trying to get Win 98 on a 286.


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