28" tv to 175" tv or monitor

  goonerbill © ® 21:16 13 Feb 2005

Has anyone bought or know anything about this product. it can be projected onto a wall or screen upto the size of 175" and is compatable with all makes of t.v., dvd player, games console and monitors.

they state that they have sold over 500,000 world wide (so atleast one forum member must have one :)) and for a price that is $30 inc p+p (£16+ depending on exchange rate) it does seem a good buy but is it to good a buy ??.

  Dizzy Bob 21:22 13 Feb 2005

Do you have a link to the product?

  goonerbill © ® 21:24 13 Feb 2005

click here

what a lemon. sorry

  Meshuga 21:24 13 Feb 2005

Hi goonerbill, I`ve no knowledge of this but as its american you could run into voltage problems. That would cost you a converter too. Regards.

  goonerbill © ® 21:30 13 Feb 2005

heres there guarantee

We stand behind our product 100%. This means if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, simply send the TV kit back for a refund. Our refund period extends 15 days from the day you receive your product in the mail. This allows you to try your 175" bigscreen completely risk free for 15 days. Our refund policy is a no questions asked guarantee. This means you may return it for absolutely any reason.

In order to receive a refund, you must first contact us for a refund request form. We will not issue a refund if you send back your package back without a form. Additional 'membership' services are non-refundable. You must return the ENTIRE package contents to receive a refund, including: all lenses, all cds, and any promotional free extras.

forgot about possible voltage problems, thanks for the reminder. will email them and see what they say and will post reply here later.

  stalion 21:31 13 Feb 2005

can hardly go wrong at the price got to be worth a go

  Salinger 21:39 13 Feb 2005

I doubt that you will need to worry about voltage, their blurb says that it utilises the light from the TV screen, presumably for use in a darkened room - probably can forget about using it in daylight then. BTW if you order before midnight tonight (U.S. time) you can get it for $16.95, order 2 and get a third one free!!!

Are Americans that gullible?

  SEASHANTY 21:44 13 Feb 2005

Projectors to get a picture up to this size would probably run into hundreds of £'s

  SEASHANTY 21:46 13 Feb 2005

I haven't even a 42" projection TV but I believe that the projection lamps cost a small fortune. This must be a scam to tempt the gullible.

  goonerbill © ® 21:55 13 Feb 2005


dont need to worry about it ending at midnight 13/02 there time, as it was the same time last week 06/02.

you can read the customer reviews but all you can find is 18 from the 150000 they have received, odd, plus they are all from north america, none from anywhere else.


it does seam as if it could be a scam but the more you read and look around the site the less it does. any way have emailed them and see what i get back from them.

  SEASHANTY 22:09 13 Feb 2005

Just look at the prices of these 42" TV projection lamps from Sony click here

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