28 gygas hard drive seen as 3.92 due to P.M.?

  mois 21:07 27 Jul 2003

Hi..I have a 4 years old Laptop with a 3 gygas hard drive...Last saturday I changed it for a new one (28 gygas)and wanted to divide it using PARTITION MAGIC 8...I installed first WIN 98 and then P.M...I did 2 primary part.and one extendec...Altogether they werw around 4 gygas..I wonder why I couldn't get bigger partitions...Then I tried to install WIN XP and when it re-boot the fisrt time the comp.died.
I got a message"NO FOUND ANY ACTIVE PART.IN H.D.".Tried to format it but get BAD COMMAND.With C:DIR I red VOLUMEN IN DRIVE C IS 28 GB .Finally I deleted the part.using FDISK...and then was able to install again WIN 98 but the problem is the hard drive sees only 3.92 gygas in MY COMPUTER...
Going to BIOS the HARD DRIVE DETECTION reads 30.007 MB in the 3 modes ,wich I think is fine but the STANDARD CMOS SETUP reads only 4000 Mb...I changed the settings manually and put the values given by the HARD D.DETEC. but when comp.re-booted said HARD DRIVE FAILED...I put the settings in AUTO but no values are given.
Any ideas what can I do to make the comp. recognize the 28 gygas?...Is Partition Magic the culprit?...Sorry for the long story and thanks for reading.

  xania 13:36 07 Aug 2003

Wonderful as Partition Magic is, it sometimes does go wrong. I suggest that you use Fdisk to delete everything and then make sure that your Laptop sees all 28 GBs at that stage. If it does fine - if not, you will need to either upgrade your BIOS or get the HHD manufacturer's disk manager software and run this first. This should give you a sound HHD primary partition to install your OS.

  mois 16:41 07 Aug 2003

I already did that before (fdisk and format) but nothing happened...The extrange thing is the HARD DRIVE DETECTION in the BIOS reads 30.007 MB but the cmos not...I put it in AUTO and doesn't give values...If I put the values manually some times the comp. don't start and some times starts but reverse the values to 4.000 mb.
Yesterday I called UNICORN (the main manuf. for bios but they don't sell it for laptops).
I don't know if DISK MANAGER will do the job...That will be the only way?

  mois 01:05 17 Sep 2003

I am back after some holidays...As I said before the manufact...of bios say there are not for laptops...The only other way was to get DISK MANAGER by ONTRACK 2 weeks ago...I run it , it recognized the 30 gygas but MY COMPUTER only 3,92.
Today I got a phone call fron D.M. support and they helped me with some tricks and finally My computer recognizes the 30 gygas....I am going to try Part. Magic again and see what happens.

  Ping Pong 07:21 17 Sep 2003

If I have read your first post correctly then you have made two primary partitions. I think your fault lies here. As I understand it you can have one primary partition and as many secondary or extended partitions as you want therefore my suggestion would be to fdisk again and create your primary partition. Then do your extended partitions. Dont forget to make the primary partition the active partiton.

  Brian-336451 08:47 17 Sep 2003

Against all my advice, my daughter and her partner bought a 'too good to be true PC' from Ebay.

It was touted as having WinXP Pro on it as well! All for under £400.

I'm now inundated by the smell of rodents!

When it arrives, it looks good. However when booted (surprise surprise) it reports only a 20Gb drive instead of 80Gb and an incomplete OS.

My point is that even the BIOS was reporting 20(or so) Gig, yet I could see that the drive WAS 80 Gb.

FDISK only reported 20 as well.

I installed my OS on the primary partition just to see if I could get PM8 onto it.

Not only did it load, PM8 was able to 'recover' the other 60Gb. I don't know what the plonker did that partitioned the drive in the first place, but we reported his advert to eBay and Microsoft - he has now removed any reference to an OS.

The irony is, that now they've got a kosher OS, the rest of the machine is fine.

Partion MAGIC? - I'd say so.

  mois 23:19 19 Sep 2003

Hi...Still having problems...Installed P.M. and recognizes the 28 gygas...I did some partitions but I thought the program automatically assigned letters to the partitions but is not like yhat..I have found this program difficult to use...I need someone to tell me what is wrong....The main info. is like this:
-Disk1( c) Fat 32 Active Primary
-Pri (*) Fat 32 Hid Primary
- (*) Unallocated None Primary
- (*) Extended None Primary
- (*) Unallocated None Logical

I got a letter only for the main O.S.....How to assign letters to the other partitions...If I use DRIVE MAPPER I don't understand a box that says write a task and a mini box "Add".
Any help with this ....Thanks

  mois 23:29 19 Sep 2003

Looking at this message the info. doesn't look easy to understand...I did 2 primary partitions, one extenden with 3 logical (for programs/downloads/music) and got this.

2) Pri(*)....fat32...Hid.....Primary
3) (*).......Unallocat..None..Primary
4) (*).......Extended...None..Primary
5) (*).......Unallocat..None..Logical

Hope, this will be better.

  Brian-336451 03:15 20 Sep 2003


I've emailed you.

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