28 gygas hard drive seen as 3.92 due to P.M.?

  mois 21:07 27 Jul 2003

Hi..I have a 4 years old Laptop with a 3 gygas hard drive...Last saturday I changed it for a new one (28 gygas)and wanted to divide it using PARTITION MAGIC 8...I installed first WIN 98 and then P.M...I did 2 primary part.and one extendec...Altogether they werw around 4 gygas..I wonder why I couldn't get bigger partitions...Then I tried to install WIN XP and when it re-boot the fisrt time the comp.died.
I got a message"NO FOUND ANY ACTIVE PART.IN H.D.".Tried to format it but get BAD COMMAND.With C:DIR I red VOLUMEN IN DRIVE C IS 28 GB .Finally I deleted the part.using FDISK...and then was able to install again WIN 98 but the problem is the hard drive sees only 3.92 gygas in MY COMPUTER...
Going to BIOS the HARD DRIVE DETECTION reads 30.007 MB in the 3 modes ,wich I think is fine but the STANDARD CMOS SETUP reads only 4000 Mb...I changed the settings manually and put the values given by the HARD D.DETEC. but when comp.re-booted said HARD DRIVE FAILED...I put the settings in AUTO but no values are given.
Any ideas what can I do to make the comp. recognize the 28 gygas?...Is Partition Magic the culprit?...Sorry for the long story and thanks for reading.

  crx1600 21:28 27 Jul 2003

'my computer' will report the size of your C:\ as the size of the partition you are in, which i thought you wanted to be around 4GB?

what does PM show when you run it, what partitions do you currently have?

  woodchip 21:46 27 Jul 2003

Have you run Auto Detect HD in BIOS

  Brian-336451 21:55 27 Jul 2003

Sounds like you require a BIOS upgrade, failing that sotware such as MaxBlast (for Maxtor drives) will usually solve such problems.

The hard drive manufacturer usually has software for download (if its not already on the hdd) to enable you to circumvent the problem.

  mois 11:26 28 Jul 2003

As I explained before HARD DRIVE DETECTION reads 30.007 MB in the 3 modes :NORMAL' LBA and LARGE.
When I go to STANDARD CMOS SET UP and put it in nAUTO it doesn't read any values....If I put the values by myself (USER) the comp. doesn't start.
Part. Magic only reads 4.000MB...That,s when the prob. started.
Upgradind the BIOS in a Laptop is very difficult...Usually downloading a program but the manufacturer even doesn't recommend it.
I run SCAN DISK AND DEFRAG. and after all that MY COMP. reads only 4;92 GB.

  woodchip 18:24 28 Jul 2003

Just looked again at your post and I cannot see any way that you will get the bios to recognise it without a bios flash. as it's as you say 4 years old

  woodchip 18:27 28 Jul 2003

depending on the make of drive, you may be able to get something like Maxblaster Drive Overlay software so it creates it's own bios setting it will setup the entire drive for you. So go to the Manufacturers site and check for downloads if it's a Seagate look under Seatools.

  woodchip 18:28 28 Jul 2003

Partition Magic will not work with the above software

  mois 11:45 29 Jul 2003

Can you explain a little bit that?

  woodchip 13:20 29 Jul 2003

The disc Overlay software is provided by your disc manufacturer, and can be used to overcome the computer bios limitations as to Drive Size. i.e. it will recognise you full disc size. What is the HD make.

  mois 10:12 07 Aug 2003

TOSHIBA...but I bought it at the comp. fair in Oxford st. (saturdays)...It was new and sealed...When I installed my comp. saw 28 gygas but it was after I installed PART. MAGIC that the problem started.

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