256 DDR SDRAM conflict with Win XP Home

  Eye No Nuffin 19:17 28 Jun 2003

Problem adding extra RAM to PC. Win XP Home (ver 5.1.2600) with Kyro K7T266 Pro 2 Ver 2.0 motherboard

PC has 3 slots and as new had 256 MB DDR SDRAM factory installed using 2 sticks in slots one and two. Tried to fit another 256 MB with single stick in slot 3. New memory is PC2100 and acc to handbook is OK to install.

Problem is Win XP Home will not load and get error message '...... file missing or corrupt.... System32\Driver\Ntfs.sys.

Note: when PC boots the BIOS recognises the new total of 512 MB Ram.

  DieSse 19:29 28 Jun 2003

Cab you confirm that it does work OK when you take it out again??

  Rtus 20:17 28 Jun 2003

Or whats the result if you only install the 1 strip 256mb one?

  DieSse 20:22 28 Jun 2003

Normally when you put in modules os different sizes, you should put the biggest one in the first slot.

If you have added a module with different characteristics than the existing pair, you may have compatability problems.

  Eye No Nuffin 21:32 28 Jun 2003

In response to DieSse & Rtus.

If the new 256 Stick is removed and revert back to original 256 MB in slots 1 & 2 Then Win XP still will not load and have to revert via safe mode.

I will try installing just the new 256 stick in slot 1 and advise.

  Eye No Nuffin 09:49 29 Jun 2003

Ouch ... that really hurt. I removed original two sticks and placed new stick into slot 1. Not a good idea.

Powered up PC and warning bleep sounded and smell of burning. Aaargh ! Switched off quickly. Definite incompatibility problem.

Reverted to orig spec and luckily PC working again .... phew.

Inspection shows new memory stick has burnt on 2 of the 184 pins and is now scrap.

So can someone explain what has happened.

  Rtus 11:07 29 Jun 2003

maybe a Module short circuit ! however its difficult to say without seeing the system ..all the DDR Ive seen comes as 2.5v And the boards are set to suit that.. Where did you obtain the mem strip ? Generic type or not ?

  Eye No Nuffin 11:27 29 Jun 2003

Problem Mem stick is rated at 266MHz.

Motherboard handbook mentions '.....PC2100 is available running at 133MHz.... at time of writing'.

Could the increase in frequency have caused this ?

Obtained it from Eclipse and product marked as 'TA'.

What are the chances of warranty on this one ?

  Eye No Nuffin 17:26 29 Jun 2003

Have looked at PC advisor consumerwatch messages and it seems there are some poor reports about the supplier I used (appreciate there will always some upset customers).

Opinion please - Should the mem stick I installed have worked on the motherboard or is it likely the stick was defective ?

Is the stick manufacturer 'TA' a reputable brand ?

  DieSse 17:54 29 Jun 2003

Yes, it should have worked in theory - but note the caveats I gave in the first case - a 133MHz bus speed becomes a 266Memory speed when used with DDR (Double Data Rate) RAM.

It pays to buy only 1st grade branded RAM - Crucial have a good reputation as a supplier.

TA I have not heard of as a RAM manufacturer.

  Rtus 18:01 29 Jun 2003

I Can-not comment on the supplier I have never dealt with them ..But doubt if Much can be done unless you ordered quoting which motherboard and version you were buying for and of course their specified terms and conditions. Which Is why I buy from crucial.using their memory selector One can hardly go wrong, having said that some-one may know differently..

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