Is 250gb ssd enough for what i do?

  _mxstv 14:26 03 May 2017

I wanto buy a samsung evo 850 ssd which is expensive for my budget but i think itll be worth it...

I need advice as i dont know if i need the 500gb as opposed to the 250gb.

Ill only be having my os and a maybe 2 games (overwatch and league of legends) and ill only be watching youtube and movies and doing homework via microsoft office. Will 250gb run out easy if i get it?

Thnks in advance.

  Archonar 15:40 03 May 2017

The two games ask for about 40gb in their system requirements, windows 10 needs around 20gb, and other programs probably won't take more than 5-10gb max so that should be more than enough space. As long as you manage it wisely you shouldn't have an issue with those requirements.

  Archonar 15:41 03 May 2017

Just to clarify, that 40gb is for both games, LoL needs around 8gb and Overwatch says 30gb

  Old Deuteronomy 16:49 03 May 2017

Just looking at Amazon, Samsung 850 evo SSDs are looking very well priced at the moment. If you can stretch to the 500GB drive, now would seem like a good time to buy, then you will have less worries about future capacity needs. Note also, larger SSDs are usually faster and have greater endurance.

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