250gb hard drive and 6yr old mobo

  reddwarfcrew 20:49 04 Oct 2004

If I attach my 250gb hard drive to a 6 yr old mobo, should it recogise it?

I purely want to be able to run the maxtor powermax dos util software and won't be booting into windows at all.


  Rayuk 20:57 04 Oct 2004

Only way to find out is try it.

  reddwarfcrew 21:01 04 Oct 2004

I have and it gets stuck at the POST trying to detect the 2nd HDD.

Problem is, the drive is failing fast and I'm trying to recover data from it, but I don't know if its now got to the point where even a bios can't detect it.

'spose I'll have to pull out the XP pc and pop it back in there again. Just couldn't face opening that pc up again.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:08 04 Oct 2004

Depends on where BIOS recognises advanced ide

you may be stuck with the 32G limit on such and old BIOS

  woodchip 21:26 04 Oct 2004

It's too big for your old Mobo

  Dorsai 21:30 04 Oct 2004

If the HDD is going west, backup.

Worry about the compatability problems later. Just make a copy of your stuff that you want to keep, in a safe place. Then it don't matter.

If you end up having to buy a new PC, at leat your stuff is safe.

  reddwarfcrew 21:37 04 Oct 2004

I fear its too late,

The drive was only manufactured in Jul 04 and had been in my pc for about 40 days when I started having problems accessing the drive.

I started trying to copy what I could from it to another drive, but things weren't good. It then got to the point where the pc wouldn't boot into xp with the drive still in there.

Unfortunately it looks like the drive has now completely failed.

No great loss on the data on the drive, it was only music mp3's and mpeg's and I have got a 160GB back up of most of it.

The worst part was that I'd saved about 40gig of Glastonbury 2004 footage captured off the beeb and I was only part way thru putting it onto DVD and hadn't backed that up (didn't see much point as I was authoring it onto DVD, just didn't expect a drive to fail so quickly).

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