250Gb drive and win98se

  Drifter 01:11 18 Nov 2004

I run win 98se with 2 drives, a 30gb and an 80gb, both work well, but are full. I bought a 250Gb drive to use as a USB external. To try and format the new drive, I replaced the 80 (D Drive) but the new one is only seen as a 65 GB drive. I've tried fdisk and format, Still 65Gb. Anybody any ideas? as always, thanks in advance for any help

  Drifter 01:19 18 Nov 2004

also, if I want to swop it between 2 machines, one win98se, the other XP, will it need to be fat32?

  hugh-265156 01:23 18 Nov 2004

another forum member asked about this the other day and i was unsure so directed them to this site click here

im thinking for a 250GB drive you need a pci ide controller card maybe, as above not sure sorry.

  Cook2 01:24 18 Nov 2004

I believe there is an upper limit to HD's on 98se. About 120 gig I think.

XP usually installs as NTFS file system.

Bump this up tomorrow, most people have gone to bed by now.

  hugh-265156 01:25 18 Nov 2004

and i cannot read sorry :-)

i missed the bit where you had clearly said you had already purchased and was external oops!

  Djohn 01:32 18 Nov 2004

98se should see drives up to 137 Gb but not above this limit without using overlay tools. It may be the BIOS is to old to recognise the size of the drive.

If your swapping between 98se and XP then set the drive up with FAT system, not NTFS.

  Drifter 01:40 18 Nov 2004

Hmmmm, guess I should have asked before buying. I tend to forget the limitations of win98, though I do prefer using it to XP. Thanks for the help.

  Drifter 01:45 18 Nov 2004

Yup, just finished formating in the win98se machine, and it's found 131 and a little bit Gb. You were spot on with the 137 Gb limit. I need to sleep on it.
Many thanks

  Djohn 01:49 18 Nov 2004

Don't forget, you could partition the drive into 2 separate drives of any size you find suitable then you will have use of the whole of the disk size.

  hugh-265156 01:52 18 Nov 2004

didnt know that ta Djohn

  Drifter 02:30 18 Nov 2004

but fdisk does not see the whole drive to begin with, that only sees 65Gb, it only becomes 132 when I format it.....

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