2.5" PATA Connection to 3.5" SATA Connection

  Ade_1 14:13 15 Nov 2008


Probably a long shot but I wondered if anyone knew of a way to attach an SATA 3.5" hard drive to a laptop PATA connection. I have looked high and low to find some sort of converter, however, currently to no avail. It's probably a silly to think that something like this exists but if I can find one then it saves me buying a whole new hard drive to replace my broken one.

If anyone knows of such products then I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance.


  Pamy 14:43 15 Nov 2008

Google is your friend always click here=

  Ade_1 14:52 15 Nov 2008

Thanks for that Pamy :-), I'll have another look around the link.

I have been looking around already on there and I want to be able to boot from the hard drive that I was to connect to my laptop. There is loads of stuff available for if I want to connect it via USB, however, I can't boot from that.

Similarly there are solutions available for if I want to connect my laptop drive to my PC but not the other way round. Surely there is a cable or something out there that allows me to connect a PC SATA hard drive to a laptop PATA connection...

  Pamy 16:11 15 Nov 2008

you could buy this converter, then may be buy a 3.5 cable to a 2.5 connecter, but rather expensive

click here

  T0SH 18:24 15 Nov 2008

The laptop drive connector only supplies the 5 Volt power required by a 2.5" laptop drive so is therefore unable to supply the 12 Volt power for a 3.5" drive even if you were able to find a suitable connector so it will not work without some sort of external power supply, the laptop drive to PC is easy with a 2.5" to 3.5" cable as mentioned by Pamy

Cheers HC

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