24Pin PSU Converter !!

  CutNpaste 00:09 14 Jan 2005

Hi people,

I just ordered components to build a PC and only to discover that the PSU that i've ordered is a standard 20 pin and my motherboard takes a 24 pin. Basically i bought a converter adaptor and would like to know if it would cause any problems after i install it.


  hugh-265156 00:25 14 Jan 2005

will be fine.

you can even use it without the adapter if you plug in as shown click here

  SimianBenzoate 00:28 14 Jan 2005

exactly the same thing happened to me...i spent hours on the web researching psu's, then literally 10 mins after ordering it i realised my new mobo (asus A8N deluxe sli for amd 939)is 24 pin not 20. doh.

i read on toms hardware click here
that they are interchangable but i'm not sure and i dont want to blow my new mobo...i also cant seem to find a 24 to 20 pin adaptor anywhere...

  SimianBenzoate 00:41 14 Jan 2005

what happens to the extra 4 plug holes then...just leave them empty? cos surley it needs power of some sort to these sockets for stable/full operation...

  hugh-265156 01:00 14 Jan 2005

hi SimianBenzoate to be honest im guessing yes i googled it :-)click here=

i may be very wrong so hold on untill sombody who knows what they are talking about replies. use your adapter and i guess you will be fine.

  CutNpaste 01:19 14 Jan 2005

Cheers guys!!

I think it should be alright other wise why woul they even make a converter.
Any way heres the link for the converter (click here)


  The Sack 01:24 14 Jan 2005

Yeah and then when your new PCI-E cards working in SLI mode crash the PC you can come back and ask do i need a new PSU?

The new pins are to supply the PCI-E slots. All new ATX 2.2 complient PSUs have 24 pins on the power lead.

  hugh-265156 01:28 14 Jan 2005

noted :-)

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