23" Monitor for Xbox 360 and PS3...any ideas?

  SpartanCoca 14:37 06 Mar 2010

So Anyway

I just bought a PS3 and already own a xbox 360. I am also planning to get Dell Studio XPS 8100 i7.

I need a good 23" monitor with low response time fr gaming and I have a budget of £220 max

The dell SP2309W looks good but I only play my games in 720p resolution. Since the dell has higher than Full HD resolution, will this make games go slower etc?

Anyone else got 23" monitors to recommend for my needs?


  northumbria61 14:44 06 Mar 2010
  GaT7 14:54 06 Mar 2010

If you don't mind me asking, which model of the Studio XPS 8100 (click here) are you going for exactly?

Their graphics cards don't appear very good - even the most expensive one only offers a HD5770, which is about midrange. I'd be more concerned about this slowing down my games than a monitor whose resolution you can adjust to suit your games. G

  SpartanCoca 15:06 06 Mar 2010

I'll be buying the model for 749 and will be upgrading its graphics card to a ATI 5770. I was originally going to buy the £979 model but I couldn't downgrade the optical drive (since I already have blu ray on PS3)so I'll buy the £749 model an upgrade the graphics card.

However, I dont want a Gaming PC, I want one that can play some PC game like The Sims 3 etc.

My main reason for getting the monitor is for playing 720p games from both consoles on a good monitor.

  GaT7 15:15 06 Mar 2010

"However, I dont want a Gaming PC, I want one that can play some PC game like The Sims 3 etc."

Right, I'm with you. But for a system that can play SIMS, a PC half that price will do. G

  SpartanCoca 15:20 06 Mar 2010

OK lets leave the system out lol

If I do buy the Dell SP2309W and play my xbox 360/PS3 games on it 720p resolution, Will it be slow in the monitor or will it run great?

or should I get another 23" with just Full HD resolution?

  GaT7 15:28 06 Mar 2010

I've no idea about console games, as I don't own one. So are there options/settings in these games that allows one to change resolution (like one can do in PC games)?

If there's no option to change resolution, then I guess it would be best to go for a standard Full HD monitor instead. Like a ST2310 perhaps click here / from PCbuyIt click here, who have excellent warranty terms. G

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