22 ActiveX.COM errors

  [DELETED] 23:51 12 Sep 2003

Please help me!
Everytime I run One Button Checkup (automatic every Friday) an message comes up, without fail, telling me there are 22 ActiveX.COM errors.
I basically (very basic) know what ActiveX is supposed to do, but how do I get rid of these annoying errors.
Any help in plain English (not computer language) would be very much appreciated.
Thankx guys.

  [DELETED] 23:58 12 Sep 2003

If your 'puter is running OK, ignore these messages. In fact don't run the program at all (I assume it is Norton something or other).

There used to be a gentleman who posted on here who described this type of program as "scareware". As he put it "there are zillions of computers that operate perfectly happily without the attentions ...".

  [DELETED] 09:01 13 Sep 2003

get something similar on my pc, whether i'm running win ME or XP pro. even though norton's is good (never us anything else) dont believe everything it says ( just reloaded pro back on pc and says i got activeX probs). right click and tell it to ignore in future.

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