2.1 sound on 5.1speakers

  opossum 16:08 08 Oct 2005

I have recently bought a PC with integrated 5.1 sound system but having tried everything I can thjink of Icannot obtain 5.1 on my Cambridge Soundworks speakers. I can only get 2.1 i.e.centre and two rear speakers. Is it possible that the speakers are not compatible?

  €dstowe 16:23 08 Oct 2005

You only get 5.1 sound if you have a 5.1 sound source. Ordinary stereo comes through as, well, ordinary stereo.

Borrow Blade Runner or similar from Blockbuster and give that a run through.

  Jackcoms 16:28 08 Oct 2005

What, exactly, is a 5.1 sound system (or a 2.1 come to that)??

  mgmcc 16:29 08 Oct 2005

<<< I can only get 2.1 i.e.centre and two rear speakers >>>

That would actually be 3.1 (two sides and centre with the sub-woofer being the .1) but it may be that your rear speakers are being fed from the front speaker output. As already said, you will not get the rear output signal without a 5.1 sound source.

  mgmcc 16:35 08 Oct 2005

<<< What, exactly, is a 5.1 sound system (or a 2.1 come to that)?>>>

The .1 is the sub-woofer (the deep bass speaker) the first number represents the number of directional speakers.

2.1 - normal 2 channel stereo, with sub-woofer

4.1 - two front and two rear speakers, with sub-woofer

5.1 - left front, centre front (mainly for speech) right front and two rear, with sub-woofer.

Dolby Digital movies are normally encoded for a 5.1 speaker configuration.

7.1 - introduces two additional side speakers.

  Jackcoms 16:40 08 Oct 2005

Thanks for that.

It seems that I have a 2.1

I'll stick with that, thanks!

Even assuming I had a room big enough for all the speakers, I fail to see the point of cluttering up all the space with 8 speakers!!

In any event, I've only got 2 ears.

  johnnyrocker 18:49 08 Oct 2005

i had a prob with my creative set up reverting to 2.1 from 5.1 and the problem was solved by getting the latest updates from creative website might it be the same with cambridge? or your souncard updates.


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