2007 Excel sheet - setting scroll area

  Chas49 20:47 14 May 2010

I've been trying to select the area on a worksheet so that you can scroll only within that area - but with no success.

Anyone know how this is done please?

  Woolwell 21:26 14 May 2010
  Chas49 21:34 14 May 2010

Thank you Woolwell but that us not I want to do, T wish for an area "A1:O38" to be active but not the areas beyond those coordinates. Freeze is used to 'freeze' an area to the left or above but not to limit movement in other directions. Thanks for your input though.

  Chas49 21:35 14 May 2010

us ? --> is!!!

  Woolwell 21:51 14 May 2010

VOG should be along soon.

  Woolwell 21:51 14 May 2010

VOG should be along soon.

  Chas49 21:56 14 May 2010

Got it!

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Sheets("8_MatchDoubles").ScrollArea = "A1:O39"
End Sub

Right clicked on sheet tab, selected View Code, View, Projects Window, This workbook, then entered the A1:O38 cordinates. It works!

  Chas49 22:03 14 May 2010

Thanks Woolwell.

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