2005fpw - BEing silly - Set-up Confusion

  TicTacToc 17:27 03 Feb 2006

HI all,

I have just received my 2005fpw, but being newbish I'm confused.

My system is the following -
A8n-Sli Deluxe
Antec Smartpower 500W
Nec 3550a
Geforce 6200 DVI
1gb G-Skill Ram
Athlon 3500+ Venice
Case is a Delux with LCD Display

I bought from a company who had pre-built everything (i chose the parts) and I bought the PSU. I installed that last night and it went ok, except my wires are scrambled everywhere and look really messy. (How much of a problem is this?)

I stick the white DVI cable into the screen, and the slot on my case. I turn it on and select DVI-D with the menu selector. I get a screen, but then it goes off in 'Power-Save' Mode saying I should move the mouse or press keyboard, but this does nothing at this stage although they are plugged in.

So do I put in my windows xp disc?, the 2005fpw disc? the motheboard disc?

Ive tried them all but they make no difference,

I know this is really stupid and I'm being thick
But thanks in advance for all the help!

  howard63 20:47 03 Feb 2006

if you can get into the bios [often by hitting the delete key when you first switch on] try disabling power saving mode

  woodchip 20:52 03 Feb 2006

Go to Control panel\Power as above choose never for power saving mode click apply

  TicTacToc 21:03 03 Feb 2006

HI thanks for the info but how am I meant to get into the bios if nothing yet has been installed, including my keyboard?

I have turned it on with all the different discs in pressing delete loads but nothing happens - I believe because I don't have any bios and my keyboard won't do anything yet?

  TicTacToc 21:04 03 Feb 2006

Sorry for the double post, but what is meant to happen? What should happen when I turn the screen on?

  woodchip 21:06 03 Feb 2006

Are you saying you have not loaded windows and are trying to use Firewire for camera?

  TicTacToc 21:16 03 Feb 2006

never mind, I have solved it, it was a part that should have been plugged into the motherboard that wasn't.

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