2000+xp or 2600+xp that is the question ?

  kakellie 21:35 04 Dec 2003

I recently sent my time powerstation xl back for repair when it returned i checked system properties and ran 3d mark 2001se i also noted on the boot screen that my processor was shown as a athlon 2000+(1.67ghz) when it should be a athlon 2600+ i phoned time computers to which i was told at a cost of £1min it is a default setting surely this is incorrect am i being ripped off.I've heard it could be a bios setting how can i find out what mothebooard i've got and if i change the front side bus will the motherboard,to use a better word frazzle and cease to exist.

  VoG II 21:38 04 Dec 2003
  leo49 22:24 04 Dec 2003

Once you've ascertained your motherboard via one of VOG's links[sure you haven't got the manual somewhere?] you can download a replacement manual from your manufacturer's website.It's probably just a question of setting the FSB and multiplier in the Bios[refer to the manual for instructions]according to the flavour of XP2600 chip that you have.ie FSB of 133 or 166 and mutiplier accordingly.

  spuds 22:45 04 Dec 2003

Two postings running click here

  kakellie 18:56 07 Dec 2003

my motherboorad ia msi ms-671 1.0.Bus clock frequency 133 mhzis it just a question of changing the 133 in my bios to 333mhz or is there something else i need to alter.

  bremner 19:02 07 Dec 2003

You must ensure you have the 333FSB 2600+ as AMD also have a 266FSB 2600+.

If you do have the 333 version then the setting in the BIOS should be 166Mhz

  kakellie 21:23 08 Dec 2003

So to sum up i have a msi ms-6712 1.0 motherboard with the bus clock frequency set at 133 mhz.i still don't know whether i have a 2000xp or a 2600xp or if i have a 2600xp which one it is how many are there and if i do infact have a 2600xp how do i safely check.

  kakellie 21:24 08 Dec 2003

and what is a multiplier

  kakellie 21:33 08 Dec 2003

p.s. do you think when i bought the pc not so long ago(3 months) that i was sold the pc as a athlon 2600+ these settings should already be in place and does it make any real difference in how the pc runs is it running any slower than it should be or does it really matter if it shows as a 2000+ speed 1.67ghz.

  kakellie 21:35 08 Dec 2003

help me im going mad

  kakellie 21:36 08 Dec 2003

im losing it now

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