2000 & XP My last hope !

  plectrum 12:56 28 Mar 2005

I have 2000 pro & XP Pro networked in the same room using ethernet and 5 port switch. The XP PC can see and access the 2000 PC, the 2000 PC can see the XP PC but when trying to access it get "access denied" message.
Both are in same workgroup, different names, same IP addresses apart from last number, NetBEUI is not enabled on either. Seem to have tried everything, any help would be much appreciated.

  GibsonSt19 14:40 28 Mar 2005

spikeychris's suggestions for one of the problems worked for me; changing a registry value.

click here

  FelixTCat 15:56 28 Mar 2005

Have you password-protected the shares?

  LastChip 17:08 28 Mar 2005

Have you got a firewall enabled? If so, disable it until this problem is solved.

Most commonly, the built in XP firewall that comes with SP2 is the problem.

  plectrum 17:33 28 Mar 2005

Firewalls are disabled and the shares aren't password protected. I did have the 2 PCs working for a short while, then I restarted the XP machine and lost the connection. Also, I can ping either PC from the other.

  LastChip 17:39 28 Mar 2005

What have you got shared on the XP machine, a file or drive? And if you look at the permissions, are they available with full access to everyone?

  plectrum 17:45 28 Mar 2005

On the XP machine I have a drive shared, the permissions are available with full access to everyone.

  LastChip 18:11 28 Mar 2005

Do you have file and printer sharing loaded as a service on the XP machine and "bound" to your network card?

  plectrum 18:13 28 Mar 2005

I have file and printer sharing enabled, don't understand the "bound" to my network card bit though !!, how do I check that ?

  LastChip 18:26 28 Mar 2005

Bring up Help and Support in XP and search for;

Enable IPX/SPX file and print sharing on Windows 2000

Now follow the instructions and see if that solves the issue.

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