2000+ processor

  pcfranco 17:32 09 Mar 2003

Hello, iv just upgraded my processor from 1600+ to 2000+, but it shows up as being 1521 mhz. The 1600+ showed up ok.
I have a gigabyte ga-7vtxe m/b and the clk jumper is set to 133. Can anybody help

  Lead 17:41 09 Mar 2003

What does the BIOS say your multiplier is?

XP2000+ = 1.66GHz @ 266

1.66 = [12.5] x 133

  Djohn 17:48 09 Mar 2003

As Lead says, check in BIOS for settings. CPU should then be recognized correctly and show as 2000XP, and not as Athlon 1.66, (Although 1.66, is the correct speed). J.

  pcfranco 17:56 09 Mar 2003

hello, lead
theres nothing in the bios about multipier, all i have is cpu host clock (mhz) which is By jumper. the jumper is set to 133

  AndySD 18:02 09 Mar 2003

you may need a bios update click here or for the ga-7vtxe+ click here

  pcfranco 18:10 09 Mar 2003

hi andy, which version do u think i need

  pcfranco 19:09 09 Mar 2003

hi andy, iv updaded the bios, it now shows up as AMD K7 at startup and runs at 1634.70 speed

  Djohn 19:13 09 Mar 2003

pcfranco, yep, that is correct, don't know where I got the XP bit from! Going for a lie down! :o(

  pcfranco 19:20 09 Mar 2003

thanks djohn, but my processor is a xp2000+ and its running at a speed of 1634.70

  AMD 4 ever 19:20 09 Mar 2003

All is ok then.
The GA-7VTXE only supported upto 1800 or 1900...but a bios updae shoud allow you the increase to 1634.

  pcfranco 19:24 09 Mar 2003

hi amd4ever,
how come an xp2000+ runs at 1634.70, help i dont understand

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