20£ a hour for pc health check

  holligan 19:58 09 Jul 2003

is it worth it.

  mole44 20:00 09 Jul 2003


  Bagsey 20:04 09 Jul 2003

The old adage holds true. If it aint broke dont fix it

  Mango Grummit 20:06 09 Jul 2003

Are you buying or selling this health check?

If you are selling it to someone who knows nothing about computers, and you do a "proper" job then I think £20 is very fair.

  woodchip 20:12 09 Jul 2003

If you live near me Half Price

  Mango Grummit 20:19 09 Jul 2003

That's cheaper than a standard "mates rate" :o)

  woodchip 20:23 09 Jul 2003

Fun though in it

  Confab 20:32 09 Jul 2003

You really need to find out what the "health check" actually checks. There are loads of things you can do by yourself to keep you pc running well. It would be interesting to find out what other do to keep their pc running as fast as they can.

I for one regularly run a prog called evidence eliminator (some people hate it) but it cleans all the temp and useless files from my pc. I then run spybot & Ad-adware to check for any spyware and then I'll do a quick virus scan and then a defrag. I'll do this about once a week. Although I've had my pc for about 5 years - its a PIII 450mhz with 384ram it still runs well and is just about good enough for me. I'll probably buy or self build next year.

Apart from this I don't really know what the "health check" would check for??


  obbit 20:43 09 Jul 2003

a waste of money. you can do it yourself. Confab has the right idea. virus checks, cleanup, clear out, scan and defrag regularly. nothing else needed except getting inside and clearing the dust especialy from all the fans. you can buy a can of compressed air and a small artists paint brush. a lot less than £20 per hour!!

  BillEmm 21:12 09 Jul 2003

This is a bit of an open question.

If you have a problem and cannot fix it yourself then most people I know will be very happy to pay to have it fixed. £20 is cheap for one hours labour - check you last dentist bill or plumbers bill or BT callout bill or ....!

However, there is a well known PC Planet who offer a health check service and this has proved to be very variable in its content and effectiveness.

If you need such a service then find a reputable computer service engineer and you will get value for money - irrespective of cost.

My car is due for its 'annual' shortly - I could do it myself but its still under warranty and I'm gettin' lazy in my maturing years; so I'll pay the price and hope for the best. One thing is for sure - I'll be paying more than £20 per hour!!


  Confab 21:28 09 Jul 2003

"Most people cannot do it themselves"

I would not necessarily agree with that. I believe that you only really learn about pc's through trial and error. When I first got mine I didn't really have much of a clue but with a bit of trial and error (lots of the latter) and burning loads of midnight oil I can say that I know quite a bit now.

The best thing to do is to have a go yourself. If you're not sure about something then ask a friend or post a question on this excellent forum. Once you've done it once you won't forget.

As for "health checks" I would say not really necessary unless you have absolutely no interest in pc's. But beware that the " health check" doesn't discover something that you really "need" (for a small fee)

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