20 and 24 pin power connections - a new question

  Catastrophe 10:21 01 Nov 2006

Thanks to your kind help I have resolved the 20 pin power connector question. However, whilst I have got power back to fans and motherboard light is on I cannot get bootup.

I had the same problem previously but when I connected the 4 pin 12V processor core voltage connector all worked fine.

So my question is, when you separate the 4-pin part from the 20-pin part does this separated 4-pin part go to the 12V processor core voltage connector.

This may seem obvious but I don't want to blow it by assuming the 'obvious'. There is no other connection on this bunch of cables, that is it contained only the 24 pin connector.

Any help gratefully received.

  Technotiger 10:28 01 Nov 2006

Hi, I have had a quick look but cannot see your original Thread - this should have been posted in that Thread, don't worry about it not being seen cos your Thread has gone way down the list, every new item added to a Thread, both of your own making and other members, brings that Thread to the top of the list again.


  Catastrophe 10:35 01 Nov 2006

Thanks Technotiger. I started a new thread because I had marked the previous as resolved (which it was). The question is related to fitting a new M/B etc into a new larger case. I was told that I had blown something as the M/B light came on but the fans stopped almost immediately after switching on.

I have got a new PSU and the fans work again but that is as far as it goes. The 24 pin connector I refer to is the main power connector and the question resolved was: Can I get an adaptor to connect 20 and 24 pin connectors. I did not realise the 4-pin part just pulled off the 20- pin part.

The M/B is an Intel D865GBF

  Catastrophe 10:49 01 Nov 2006

I apologise for starting a new thread, especially as the question may rebound. As I said I thought the fact that I had marked it as resolved would deter attention.

The situation now is that the new PSU is working but I don't know whether I have blown anything else. Does the fact that I have got the fans back mean that I have not blown M/B and/or processor?

I know I have to substitute and I have a new M/B but I really need to know it is not just a connection before I make the next substitution.

Any help gratefully received.

  Catastrophe 11:38 01 Nov 2006


I was trying to transfer a complete system into a new case. I had a lot of trouble, never having done this before. Eventually I got it working but in my delight I got distracted and tried to put an IDE card in without powering off. OUCH!

I understand that I may have blown PSU and or M/B and or CPU and that I have to substitute each and rely on trial and error.

The M/B is an Intel P4 D865GBF and I have a new 600W PSU.

Yesterday the light stayed on on the M/B but the fans stopped almost immediately after powering on. I have fitted the new power supply and now the M/B light stays green and the fans work fine. There is no POST beep and I cannot access the BIOS. First I want to make sure I have this setup correct before I substitute the M/B.

The previous PSU had a 20 pin connector and a separate 4-pin connector to another 12V connector on the M/B. FIRST QUESTION does the separated 4-pin connector fix to this? There is also like the previous PSU a 4-pin connector with 2 yellow and 2 black cables. The detached 4-pin connector has 2 red 1 black 1 yellow cable but no catch. If I use the 2yellow 2black connector (which does have a catch) the fans stop.

Any ideas please?

  ed-0 11:48 01 Nov 2006

last thread click here

So did you seperate the 24 pin power connector, as I suggested or did you use the one from ebay?

" So my question is, when you separate the 4-pin part from the 20-pin part does this separated 4-pin part go to the 12V processor core voltage connector."


The psu should have seperate 4 pin 12v power connector. have you separated all the wires?

  ed-0 11:57 01 Nov 2006

This is not necessary your motherboard but it is a D865GBF chipset. click here

You have to connect the 4 pin socket on the motherboard ( as marked ) click here for the system to post.

The 4 pin socket will have a plastic lock on it.

  Catastrophe 12:00 01 Nov 2006

Hi ed-0

I did as you said and separated the 4-connector clip from the 20-connector. I have plugged the 20-connector into the M/B and it the M/B light stays green and the fans work.

With the previous PSU there was a 4-pin connector 12V to the M/B. If I connect to this M/B it stops the fans. I have not tried the separated 4-pin as the wiring looks completely different and there is no clip.

I take it that the similar wired connector should be the one but connecting this stops the fans.

Thank you for your help in clearing up the 20 pin question. I have not received the eBay converter and realise that it is not the way to go.

  ed-0 12:02 01 Nov 2006

I have just read your last post. Yes it is the 4 pin connector with yellow and black wires.

You say the motherboard goes dead when you plug in the 4 pin connector but it has no matching locking tab.

Lets hope you have not done any serious damage to the system.

  Catastrophe 12:05 01 Nov 2006


"You say the motherboard goes dead when you plug in the 4 pin connector but it has no matching locking tab."

NO, I didn't connect that one as wiring was so different and there was no matching locking tab.

I just connected the 2yellow2black. That only stopped the fans. M/B light stayed green.

  Catastrophe 12:07 01 Nov 2006


Just a mo. New case. I switched the front switch and the fans came back but no post.

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