2 weeks and sound goes >:(

  Wizz198303 21:26 27 Feb 2005

Hi, i havent touched my computer for 2 weeks and when i return and turn it on i get no sound! I figured it could be the sound card so i took the sound card out and un-installed any software relating to it, and turned on the AC97 integrated audio device turned the machine on and still no sound.

Iv been in my control panel/sounds&audiodevices looked on the volumn tab and where it would of said the make of my sound card as the title, says "no audio device".

I might of forgotten to do something or looked over something, but iv checked the cables and it all seems connected nicely. I dont understand whats wrong. Need some help.

  theDarkness 21:34 27 Feb 2005

If its definately not your speaker volume/plug or loose/bad cables then it sounds like your sound card isnt installed physically on your system. Cards can be really awkward to slot into some motherboards, and what can look like a really solid fit may still count as not secure when booted up. Switch pc off, take the card out again, and try reinserting. You really have to force some cards in to get them to fit, but try not to be too violent! Make sure your built in sound is disabled and if youre using xp that the 'new card/device detected' message crops up before reinstalling the cards sound drivers.

  Wizz198303 21:36 27 Feb 2005


Also i have a progam called music match Jukebox when i had no sound but with the sound card still installed there would be no music but any track i tried to play would fastforward itself.
Now that iv un-installed my card i get an alert saying "wave-out format not supported". When i try it with Windows Media, it says there may be a problem with my sound device.

Win XP Pro
2800 Athlon XP

  theDarkness 21:37 27 Feb 2005

you could also try a different PCI slot for your sound card if you have any spare

  Wizz198303 21:37 27 Feb 2005

but this sound card has been left in my machine for a year i havent even touched it til today.

  theDarkness 21:47 27 Feb 2005

if your pc hasnt been touched at all and your built in AC97 sound is disabled properly in your BIOS to avoid any conflicts [and you have all your files backed up], then you could always try and restore your pc to an earlier date from the system tools menu? Have you installed any major programs lately around the time that the sound stopped working? Did you install anything just before leaving your machine for those 2 wks?

  rickf 22:09 27 Feb 2005

Check to see if the sound has been muted by accident. It helps as sometimes we miss the obvious.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:11 27 Feb 2005

You took out the sound card and switched on the AC97 integrate sound in BIOS?

Did you load any drivers for the AC97 sound?

  Wizz198303 22:28 27 Feb 2005

Drivers for the AC97, erm no... might need a run through, of how to do that.

Rickf iv checked and double checked. One thing i have noticed though is when i go into audio devices i cant tinker with the device volume which is currently set at low.

Darkness with my sound card it seems to be the other way round, the card just wont get out of the box, i've managed to remove it from the slot so its disconnected. but if getting those AC97 drivers proves to hard. il take your advise and place it in a different PCI slot and re-instal everything... again.

How do you actually activate the system restore. I know where it is, but it appears to be giving me only 2 options, whether i want to turn it off or increase or decrease the amount of disk space to use for it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:35 27 Feb 2005

The drivers will have come on a CD with the motherboard or PC if you bought the whole thing.

The integrated AC97 will not work untill drivers installed.

What is the make and modle of your motherboard?

If you do not know, download and run PC inventory takers :-
Belarc click here or
Everest Home Edition click here

  sidecar sid 22:38 27 Feb 2005

Try this
Right click my computer,select properties,click on the hardware tab and click on device manager.

Click on the + sign next to sound,video and game controllers.

If you see a listing for C-Media AC97 Audio Device right click on it and select uninstall, click ok in the pop up window and reboot your PC.

Windows should then reboot and install it's own drivers for your onboard sound.

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