2 web pages at once

  ole1999 17:11 09 Jun 2003

prob a stupid question guys, but is it possible to keep 2 web pages open at the same time, i like to keep a page open for various reasons, but whenever i surf i lose it with the new page iam about to view, just that whenever u click on a link in this forum it opens a new window and u dont lose the original page, just wondered if its possible at all.
thanks anyone

  obbit 17:13 09 Jun 2003

click here you can have as many open as you like

  obbit 17:14 09 Jun 2003

see what u mean try it it might work

  powerless 17:14 09 Jun 2003

Open two Internet Explorers.

You can have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ open at once.

  cdb 17:15 09 Jun 2003

I use Microsoft explorer and it has an open new window option, so you can have as many windows as you want open. I don't know if IE6 has that option tho.

  Legolas 17:15 09 Jun 2003

just open up a new instance of whatever web browser you use for instance I use IE6 so I open it up and go to this site I leave it open and open up a new instance of IE6 from my toolbar and use it to navigate to other sites.

  hugh-265156 17:16 09 Jun 2003

yes as Powerless,i often have three or four on the go.

  powerless 17:16 09 Jun 2003


Right click the link and choose "open in new window"

  GroupFC 17:18 09 Jun 2003

When you want to open another page just right click the link and then open in new window.

  GroupFC 17:20 09 Jun 2003


  spikeychris 17:20 09 Jun 2003

Ctrl + N will give you a new page or file and new window. As for having a lot open a one go, the more you have open the slower it will get...


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