2 unrelated questions..

  rsturbo 14:07 26 Feb 2003

MIME a friend sent me an email with an attachment but all i got was a MIME icon for the attachment, i'm using aol but do not know what he is using, any ideas how to retrieve the attachment.

WORD i have some word docs on my pc i'm holding for a friend, i need to know which version of word created the files how do i tell?

thanks for any help :)

  colberly 15:10 26 Feb 2003

In answer to your first question Mime files can usually be decoded with Winzip. Sorry can't answer your second one.

  Stuartli 15:17 26 Feb 2003

Re second question.

If you right click on a file and select Properties, the General and Statistics tabs will indicate the date and time when it was created.

This might give an idea of which version of Word was used, although obviously not emphatically.

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