2 unpartitoned spaces?

  Internetwhizzkid 17:19 02 Jun 2007

I have just deleted ubuntu from a shrinked partition after dual booting vista and ubuntu - I now seem to have 2 unpartitioned spaces - how can I merge these together? this is after reinstalling vista. any help will be greatly appreciated.

  rawprawn 18:04 02 Jun 2007

How did you partition it in the first place, if you used something like Partition Magic you can use that to delete the partition.

  Internetwhizzkid 18:33 02 Jun 2007

I didnt what I did was shrink the main partition which had vista from 69GB and then took it down to 49GB this then left 20GB of unpartitioned space i then installed ubuntu on that unpartitioned space. But now I have removed ubuntu I have 2 partitions both say unpartitoned space and I want to join them to get the 69GB back instead of one 49Gb and another 20GB. Because of the operating system i had to reinstall vista on the 40gb but i want to reinstall on one partition of 69 if you get what i mean


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