2 Soundcards

  kingslater 14:26 27 Apr 2003

Hi, i have two soundcards on one pc
one is a onboard and the other is
a SB Live 1024
I have just bought some nifty piece of kit a 5.1 speaker set all but the 2 front speakers work because the jack port the 2 fronts are in musnt be a proper sound one so i thought of putting the 2 fronts into the onboard but i cant get them both run at the same time is this possible?

  ^wave^ 14:31 27 Apr 2003

to get the 5.1 speakers to work you need a card capable of doing it. you can only have one sound source too.

  rickf 14:33 27 Apr 2003

you can't get both runnung at the same time. Diasable the onboard sound card through the bios first and then reinstall the new sound card and I think everything shoud work properly.

  rickf 14:34 27 Apr 2003

Also as ~wave~ says. Is the 1024 a 5.1 card? You need a 5.1 card to play 5.1 sound.

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