2 server addresses the same?

  pookie 15:50 11 Nov 2003


i'm no expert - just querying something i've been told. our company has had reports for about a week of people sending us emails for example to [email protected] and these emails either not being delivered or a message going back to sender saying no such user on that server. our server domain name eg @whatever.org.uk is registered to our company but we've been told that someone else could set up a @whatever.org.uk email addresses. therefore if someone sends me an email then it might go to the otherone first, find that i'm not listed and go back to the sender as no such user. can this be right and also if it is can i trace who has set up the other eg @whatever.org.uk addresses?

many thanks


  recap 16:06 11 Nov 2003

To Look up the availability or ownership of any domain name. Search for available names based on keywords using a domain finder click here it may help you track it down?


try this one: click here

  pookie 12:44 12 Nov 2003

many thanks for the replies - I'll check out the links. The 'whatever.org' was made up.


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